Bridgee design team has a background in aerospace engineering,
and is skilled at spotting and resolving high-speed signal transmission
issues, giving his products a extreme performance advantage in the
audio and visual transmission fields.

With the rapid development of A/V industry, especially the transmission
technological innovation as part of the high-speed development of vid-
eo technology, Bridgee has achieved unprecedented breakthrough in
the performance of HDMI fiber optic cables, with further enhancement
of image contrast, color depth, and sound dynamics, and has developed
a whole new series of product lines.

OE-Optiz™ Optic-Electric Conversion Engine Optimization Design

By using optical signals to replace electrical ones, fiber optic cables will be able to transmit in optical channels to greatly minimize the signal attenuation. In order to enable a more efficient Optic-Electric conversion or vice versa, Bridgee® design team has optimized the Optic-Electric conversion engine through upgrading the components, and comprehensively improved the conversion accuracy, so as to retain more subtle details of sound and image, with higher fidelity. The MARK series HDMI cable uses the OE-Optiz design, providing the most realistic fidelity ever.

Conductive Carbon Plastic Shield

A perfect cable is able to stay unaffected out of the environment noise to achieve the perfection of music reproduction. To achieve the goal, Bridgee® speaker cables and subwoofer cables use a specially designed carbon shielding layer to avoid the signal loss caused by external electromagnetic interference, greatly improving music clarity.

Time Correct Tube Structure

The production of high-quality cables is usually related to the cable structure. Bridgee® speaker cables use the Time Correct Tube structure to for more accurate transfer of the signal as it travels down the wire. This results in extended high and low frequency response, improved imaging, and deep, tight bass.

The Time Correct Tube structure allows signals to gather more on the surface of the conductor as frequency increases. The higher the frequency, the lower the efficiency of the conductor cross-section and the higher the resistance. At this point, the cable may sound too bass-heavy. Time Correct Tube can ensure that the circular conductor cross-section can well transmit all frequencies of sound.

Awards and Certifications

French Design Award: Established by International Awards Limited in 2015, the award is dedicated to providing a broader platform for global designers/works, conveying excellent humanistic design concepts, and leading global fashion innovation.

NY Product Design Awards: It is one of the renowned product design awards today, recognizing ingenious product designers, teams, and manufacturers from around the world, applauding their designs and creations that make life better.

Muse Design Awards: The Award is one of the most influential international awards in the global creative design field, organized by the prestigious International Awards Associates (IAA) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). It aims to recognize excellence in design across various fields, including architecture, interiors, and product design.

Audience Award: This award is presented by the renowned magazine "Dealerscope," a leading professional media outlet in the U.S. consumer electronics industry. The award is nominated and voted on by the audience, recognizing outstanding products in various categories, including design, technology, and innovation, within the consumer technology industry. It encompasses a wide range of product types, from audio and video to smart home devices and appliances.

The "FI-PLAY" Editor's Choice Award: organised by the authoritative audio-visual magazine "SUPER AV", it is dedicated to recognising outstanding audio-visual equipments with superb professional performance and popularity, including home theatre, projection, speakers, cables, amplifiers and other types of audio-visual equipments, and it has become a professional guide for integrators and consumers to choose and buy the products.

"AV TOP 100!" Excellent Equipment Recommendation Award: Initiated by the "Home Theater Technology" magazine since 2004, this award is tailored for audio and video enthusiasts and industry professionals. It annually selects 100 influential and representative audiovisual products in the field of home entertainment, including private cinemas, Hi-Fi audio, digital entertainment, smart homes, and more. It serves as an authoritative reference for consumers making purchasing decisions.

ISF Certification: The ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) is one of the industry standards for display devices and is globally recognized as a leader in video image calibration for home theater applications. Products that receive ISF certification signify that their performance and quality meet the requirements set by the ISF laboratory for high-quality imaging, film, and entertainment video playback.

CEDIA Association Member: CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), founded in the United States in September 1989, is a globally renowned industry exhibition association for whole-house smart home audiovisual systems. It provides a matrix-guided service for whole-house smart home audiovisual systems and has become a representative brand for CEDIA members, receiving international recognition.

HDMI Association Member: This association is formed jointly by seven companies, including Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, and Toshiba. It establishes the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) organization, defining the specifications for the next generation of digital interfaces for consumer electronics products. The organization brings together leading manufacturers in consumer electronics, personal computers, cables, and other fields.