XCS-XLR Residential

The technology is to adapt the unavoidable physical filter effect of the cables by means of the architecture and choice of materials in such a way that losses and interactions are reduced to a minimum.

Special architectrue to reduce the losses and interactions.

2 Strands 20AWG Silver-plated OFC Cords using Time Correct windings, XCS-XLR cable controls distortion-producing magnetic fields for smooth, natural reproduction of the music. 

All-in-one Metal Shell with Silver-plated Copper Plug

Unlike ordinary cables of this size and price, bridgee XCS-XLR signal cable uses our  LCR-PE dielectric insulationa,  Foil Shielding, Conductive Carbon Plastic Shield and High-density Braid Shield.  The special construction is wholly unique ensure electromagnetic noise insulation that is as close to perfection as possible. 

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