Bridgee will exhibit at CEDIA Expo 2023

      Emerging audiovisual cable brand Bridgee Cable has recently received multiple spotlights from CEDIA EXPO's official and partner media.

      For premier global associations in the realm of smart homes and audiovisuals, CEDIA EXPO's keen interest in Bridgee as a new member has illuminated the spotlight. The brand garnered significant attention, including a featured report in their official magazine.

      Recently, authoritative North American AV media outlet Rave Pubs has once again stepped up to promote Bridgee's debut at CEDIA EXPO.

      This stems from Bridgee Cable's flagship MARK Fiber Series, leading the way by breaking conventional norms in HDMI fiber optics. It takes advantage of the pioneering OE-Optiz™ Optical-Electric Conversion Engine, a feature exclusive in the realm of HDMI fiber optics. This innovation has quickly become a hot topic among North American audiovisual media. Quoting from Rave Pubs' introduction to the Bridgee MARK Series:

      Making its debut at CEDIA EXPO, Bridgee will showcase its latest HDMI cable - the hybrid Active Optical 2.1 MARK Series - at Booth #1550:

      ●Bridgee Cable is ISF certified.

      ●Utilizing high-spec components for optical-electric conversion, it delivers up to 48Gbps transmission bandwidth.

      ●Working up to 30 meters without the need for external power supply.

      ●Supports 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz signals (up to 10K).

      ●Features Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and QFT fast frame transmission, effectively handling 8K videos and gaming.

      Above all, as a significant participant of CEDIA EXPO, Bridgee Cable has already captured the attention of numerous professional media ahead of the event. Its debut is sure to bring even more astonishment to the smart home and audiovisual equipment industry!