TWICE|Bridgee Launches Flagship Active Optical HDMI Cable with ISF Certification


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      First-time CEDIA exhibitor Bridgee will showcase its new flagship HDMI cables, the Mark Series Hybrid Active Optical 2.1 models, certified by the industry’s most trusted authority: the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). The Mark Series is the first cable to incorporate Bridgee’s OE-Optiz™ design–a combination of unique optic-electric conversion supported by precision engineering with premium components, enabling even greater detail for image and sound.

      The Mark Series cables deliver transmission bandwidth of up to 48Gbps in runs as long as 30m, without the need for external power, for ultra-high-definition 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz signals (10K maximum support), with variable refresh rate (VRR) and QFT fast frame transmission, to efficiently handle 8K viewing and gaming.

      This flagship series uses precision-grade materials and components to ensure the highest level of performance for audio and video signals. The cables feature a hybrid design that combines OM3 optical fiber with silver-plated OFC copper wire, preventing signal attenuation over long distances, up to 30m. To ensure the highest electrical conductivity at the connection, the Mark series employs 24K, 30u thick gold-plated copper connectors. Bridgee uses advanced welding and noise reduction techniques throughout the cable to ensure a precise end-to-end connection, while the aluminum shielding protects the cable from EMI and improves sound quality. The outer jacket features wear-resistant nylon braiding, preventing knotting and enabling easy, safe storage.

      For installations that require a more robust solution, Bridgee also offers the Kai 2.1 cable supporting 48Gbps, featuring stainless steel tubing to provide powerful protection and crush resistance for this extremely lightweight and flexible cable, making it well-suited outdoor or other challenging installations.

      CEDIA attendees are invited to Booth 1550 to learn more about Bridgee’s line of audio and video solutions or visit