Bridgee Bought Mark series with ISF Certified at CERDIA EXPO 2023

      CEDIA EXPO 2023 in Denver, North America, arrived as scheduled, and Bridgee Cable brought robust and cutting-edge cable solutions to the global high-end smart home and audiovisual market. With its expertise, Bridgee Cable bridges the world of high-quality visuals and sound, and its stunning designs captivate the entire industry.   


      On September 7th, CEDIA 2023 Expo kicked off at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, USA. This edition of CEDIA featured nearly four hundred exhibitors, and the event included over a hundred technical and market training sessions. In summary, it was a grand event in the realms of smart homes and audiovisual technologies. The remarkable scale of this year's expo, even for CEDIA, which is considered a pinnacle in the industry, is a rarity compared to previous years.


      Many readers have likely already anticipated the forward-looking nature of this global industry event, CEDIA. Indeed, artificial intelligence, the much-discussed "AI technology," has become a hot topic across various sectors, with its profound impact on the realm of smart homes taking center stage. This year, CEDIA Expo specifically introduced the theme "The Unstoppable A.I. Revolution That’s Coming to the Home," highlighting the significant disruption that AI is causing in the audiovisual integration industry, particularly within the domain of whole-home audiovisual integration.


      As the trend toward comprehensive whole-home audiovisual integration continues to grow, the significance of audiovisual cables with different attributes becomes even more pronounced. Bridgee, a professional cable brand with multiple independent factories in Asia, has strategically positioned itself with a matrix of outstanding products. This includes the flagship MARK series fiber optic HDMI cables, the fully-equipped KAI series, the cutting-edge fiber optic USB cable PROF-U5CC, as well as advanced composite technology copper-core cables like XCC and XP series speaker cables, which have garnered admiration even from audiophiles in the United States.


      At the CEDIA Expo, Bridgee Cable showcased its remarkable prowess, with its flagship MARK series cables making a significant impact. During the official announcement at CEDIA, MARK garnered significant attention for its inclusion of the OE-Optiz™ optical-electrical optimization engine. While MARK has received numerous awards, it is the ISF certification that truly sets it apart as a standout in the audiovisual cable industry. Even ISF President Joel stood behind it for promotion, emphasizing its unique status and quality.

      The thriving success of CEDIA foreshadows the convergence of future smart technology with modern life. Numerous high-tech companies and brands are enthusiastically showcasing their flagship products, and in the near future, these products will become even more integrated into people's lives. In the realm of audiovisual cables, which is of great concern to AV enthusiasts, there is a growing need for stable, high-performance, and length-resistant products capable of handling robust data throughput. This is to meet the demands of the forthcoming "AI Whole-Home Audiovisual Integration" domain. As the saying goes, good cables make for a smooth and enjoyable experience, and the right cables are crucial for seamless performance.

      During this CEDIA Expo, numerous friendly competitors have come together to showcase their new products, providing a stunning audiovisual experience for the next era of smart home entertainment. In line with this, Bridgee Cable, known for its splendid array of cables, goes beyond just presenting an impressive cable matrix at the expo. They have also tailored intelligent cable solutions for the global industry professionals, aligning with the exhibition's theme. By cleverly applying more professional cables, Bridgee is facilitating the perfect bridge for smart homes, ensuring everything connects seamlessly.