Bridgee as the officially recommended cable brand by ISF at the 2023 CEDIA EXPO

      On September 7, 2023, the CEDIA EXPO 2023 took place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, USA. It was a grand event in the world of smart homes, with approximately 400 top technology companies from around the globe participating. In the audiovisual cable section, Bridgee Cable's booth welcomed a heavyweight guest, Joel.

      Joel Silver, a globally renowned figure in the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), is often considered a leading authority in the field of imaging science. ISF, as one of the industry's significant standards for display devices, has consistently contributed to exceptional advancements in image reproduction technology worldwide. In this particular instance, Joel Silver, a legendary figure, visited the Bridgee Cable booth with a straightforward purpose: to promote the all-new Bridgee MARK series, which boasts official ISF certification meeting stringent standards.

      Receiving official recognition from ISF in the realm of HDMI cables is indeed a rare achievement, not only within the entire CEDIA 2023 Expo but also in the broader audiovisual cable industry. Bridgee Cable's capabilities are evident in both home audiovisual setups and professional image calibration, showcasing their expertise and versatility in these domains.

      Regarding CEDIA EXPO 2023, this year's exhibition showcased a departure from the usual trends. In the past, the expo primarily featured professional equipment in the field of smart home audiovisual devices, evaluated by international professional buyers. In simple terms, it was a grand "trade show" with a lot of fanfare. However, this year, the event incorporated more "AI" elements, under the theme "The Unstoppable A.I. Revolution That’s Coming to the Home." In essence, as home life integrates with artificial intelligence technology, people will experience greater convenience, safety, and comfort in their daily lives.

      Bridgee Cable, known for its debut in the spotlight with fiber optic HDMI cables, went beyond this offering. They presented a wide range of high-quality cable products tailored precisely to numerous home audiovisual devices. This facilitates precise interaction in the world of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), making CEDIA even more exciting and relevant.

      CEDIA, as a leading global industry exhibition, owes its enduring success to a crucial factor - the presence of over a hundred technical guidance sessions and market training seminars held throughout the venue. Professional buyers and visitors can pre-book these sessions to gain comprehensive insights into industry knowledge and product highlights, facilitating their global trade strategies. As an exhibiting company, Bridgee, with its MARK series fiber optic HDMI cables that hold UHS and ISF certifications, will also provide a platform for ISF training sessions. Serving as a resource support for professional cables, Bridgee will leverage the ISF association as a platform to share in-depth HDMI knowledge at CEDIA.