Bridgee Cable Exhibited at the 2023 CEDIA EXPO

      At the 2023 CEDIA EXPO, Bridgee Cable showcased a meticulously curated range of high-end products, with their flagship fiber optic HDMI cable series, the MARK series, stealing the spotlight. This product not only garnered significant attention from consumers but also received strong endorsement from Joel Silver, the President of the International Society of Imaging Science and Technology (ISF). Joel Silver not only publicly recommended this product but also highly praised its advantages in terms of image quality and transmission performance.

认证证书Bridgee Technologies ISF Certificate_00.jpg

      Furthermore, the renowned North American smart home professional media platform, ravepubs, has shown a keen interest in the Bridgee brand and its cable product lineup. This media platform is known for its authority and industry influence, and its strong focus on Bridgee undoubtedly provides this brand with a broader showcase in the smart home and high-end audiovisual markets.

      Overall, Bridgee's outstanding performance at the 2023 CEDIA EXPO not only garnered significant attention from industry experts and media but also further solidified its leading position in the high-end cable product market.