Renewed and revitalized, Bridge Cable's XCC Speaker Cable is now making strides.

        Previously, the Dream Factory's 32-channel Ultimate Home Theater, showcased at the 2023 Wuhan International High-End Audio-Visual Exhibition, featured the use of XCC-SPK. Its immersive and awe-inspiring impact became the focal point of the entire venue.allowing audio-visual enthusiasts to feel a renewed sense of awe!


        Renowned in the HDMI audio-visual cable field, Bridgee cable is leveraging its advantages with its own factory, and its professional speaker cables have now begun to make a strong push, aiming for high-end excellence. The convergence of powerful technology has garnered praise from competitors in the audio-visual industry!


        In the flagship speaker cable category, represented by the Bridgee-XCC model, Bridgee cable provides a professionally high-spec cable body that allows competitors to adjust the interfaces themselves, taking the gameplay to the next level. In theory, by using Bridgee cable speaker cables, one can freely adapt to immersive multi-channel speakers, stereo pure music speakers, stage monitoring speakers, and broadcasting speakers, creating excitement and professionalism in both indoor entertainment and professional sound reinforcement scenarios..


        Highlights of XCC:

        XCC comes in two professional branches: XCC-SPK and XCC-BLC. SPK is designed for standard speakers, featuring advanced timing correction matching technology. BLC is optimized for subwoofers (tin-plated copper mesh 128 braids + aluminum foil shielding + carbon fiber outer layer), with an interference-resistant shielding layer like the wall of sighs, delivering deep and atmospheric bass while maintaining a delicate scene atmosphere.

        The internal structure of the XCC cable body adopts high-purity oxygen-free copper in a precision spiral winding, significantly optimizing the skin effect, fully feeding the speakers, and maintaining a balanced three-frequency performance.

        In terms of the outer layer of the cable body, it uses CCP carbon shielding layer, a material that only high-end overseas audio cable brands have adopted in recent years. Under the premise of effectively blocking external interference, the cable body is lighter and more durable.

        On the technical side, Bridgee-XCC-SPK incorporates clever "time correct winding + time correct tube" technology, allowing melodies and ambient sounds to unfold more expansively. This is particularly effective in the interpretation of large-scale classical music or deeply immersive film scores, unfolding gradually and eloquently.


        The Bridgee XCC professional speaker cable series is breaking the traditional flagship high-priced positioning of overseas brands. With its high configuration, playability, and favorable pricing, it has become the preferred choice for many integrators and consumers seeking customized cables. In recent years, Bridgee has also been gradually expanding its speaker cable series matrix, including the XP, CP, CPS, and other series, providing a variety of exquisite choices for audio and video setups.


        Today, Bridgee's vertical expertise in cable products has become a comprehensive representative of domestic brands. It encompasses a range of products, including fiber optic cables (HDMI, USB), standard copper core HDMI cables, and premium speaker cables. In September 2023, Bridgee will proudly showcase its acclaimed product line in Denver, USA, at the prestigious CEDIA EXPO, contributing to the luster and brilliance of domestic products in the high-quality cable sector.