Bridgee Fiber USB + Cloud Vault, the next era of remote collaborative office

       Technological progress is advancing rapidly with continuous excitement. Bridgee, as an audio and video cable company specializing in the creation of "wired" products, has unexpectedly formed a connection with Cloud Vault, a provider of "wireless" data transmission.

       Recently, Bridgee Cable introduced a powerful and user-friendly fiber USB type-C cable, codenamed PROF-U5CC. The cable reaches an astonishing length of up to 15 meters, going beyond just its exaggerated length. It also simultaneously incorporates three major functions: "data transmission, power supply, and video transmission.


       And in the recent wave of trendy digital products, Cloud Vault is a physical private cloud device that is highly suitable for collaborative office work in business teams. Whether working within a local network or on a business trip, authorized personnel can easily access and utilize data and information.


       The fusion of these two cutting-edge products surprisingly leads to a significant boost in collaborative office productivity!


       According to Bridgee, its brand and trading departments have pioneered the use of fiber-optic-grade data cables for hard drive data transmission. However, during recent collaboration with a trading company in South Korea and the co-working period with the Vietnam branch, there was a need to handle a large amount of data integration. While internal transmission was efficient, remote transmission posed a challenge. In collaboration with the cloud storage device, Bridgee engineers immediately combined the two for practical use.

       Utilizing the collaboration with the cloud storage device for remote office coordination achieves "data sharing" and satisfies the following needs:

       1、Staff can access data anytime, anywhere.

       2、Massive storage with real-time data updates.

       3、Ensures fast, stable, and accurate remote data transmission.

       4、Access to extracted data requires authorization from administrators to ensure data privacy.

       In summary, the cloud storage device is an NAS device with an intelligent control system. In terms of core storage, it has two SATA drawers, and the combined capacity of the two slots can support up to 40TB. Equipped with USB 3.0 and Type-C ports, it boasts considerable core capacity and expandability. The Type-C port, especially, is the preferred choice for internal data transmission within Bridgee due to its versatility.


       With just a solid-state drive and a Bridgee PROF-U5CC cable, you can even upload to the cloud without going through a PC transfer.

       Moreover, the built-in mechanical hard drive can be configured in RAID mode, ensuring complete data mirroring. In the event of a failure in one drive, there's no need to worry about data loss, providing reliability and security.

       In terms of user-friendliness: Setting up Cloud Vault is as simple as installing the dedicated app, registering your phone number, binding the device, and getting approval from the administrator. In four easy steps, you can access the user interface (available on both iOS and Android).


       For Bridgee's partners in South Korea and Vietnam needing to remotely access business data, the process is equally straightforward—simply download the app or client.


       Following the prompted steps, once authorized by the administrator, users can log in to the mobile app, and the same applies to the PC. Additionally, the PC interface allows for more detailed operations—while the mobile app offers an intuitive and streamlined experience, saving users time, the PC interface is designed for administrators to have precise control and management.


       The Cloud Vault network cloud storage client features two functional sections: "Files" and "Albums." The "Files" section is designed for integration with foreign trade partners, while the "Albums" section is a commonly used option for colleagues in the brand department. In the past, Bridgee designers used to carry portable hard drives to copy data from business colleagues. Now, they can simply drag and drop files directly on the cloud drive.


       Moreover, the Cloud Vault client can distinguish between work and personal files. It allows the distribution of multiple levels of folders, enabling, for instance, the restriction of access to specific personnel for company-internal files involving business secrets. Publicly shared files can have permission settings for visibility and internal sharing, making it highly practical.

       "Viewing massive data with just a smartphone is fantastic!" exclaimed Roy, Bridgee's product manager.

       With internal copying and wiring using U5CC, and cloud downloads facilitated by Cloud Vault, the next generation of business office prioritizes the efficient access of information anytime, anywhere.