Bridgee HDMI (Bridgee Cable) achieves ISF certification, faithfully restoring true cinematic visuals

        Bridgee's official website announces that its main non-customized HDMI cables currently on sale have all received HDMI 2.1 UHS Silver Label certification. With this achievement, Bridgee becomes the only audio-visual cable brand with dual certifications (UHS and ISF). This signifies that Bridgee's HDMI cables, whether in the consumer 8K audio-visual field or the professional color grading production field, can showcase outstanding capabilities in one go.

        Addressing color calibration issues in display equipment is the core mission of the Image Science Foundation (ISF), and it represents the authority of the organization in the entire industry. ISF, headquartered in Florida, USA, recently showcased Bridgee HDMI in its certified brand pool. As of October 2023, among cable brands, Bridgee is the only one to achieve such prestigious ISF certification.


        For professionals such as graphic designers, 3D renderers, video editors, and others, the ISF logo is undoubtedly familiar. When selecting display devices, this symbol has become almost a definitive criterion for purchase. Now, having a powerful ISF-compliant display and choosing an HDMI cable that lives up to the ISF name as a video signal restoration tool completes the productivity loop.


        In recent years, the presence of Bridgee Cable can be observed at numerous large audiovisual equipment exhibitions. As a designated exhibitor assistance brand for various renowned display equipment manufacturers, Bridgee Cable has gained consistent trust from output-end peers, including television, projectors, monitors, and immersive speakers, due to the stability of its cables.


        Due to Bridgee's commitment to the professional and commercial route, it has strived to achieve various international certifications, including ISF, UHS, and becoming a CEDIA member by joining CEDIA EXPO association. Moreover, Bridgee's flagship HDMI product, the MARK series, has recently been honored with prestigious awards such as the French Design Award, Muse Award, and New York Design Award, further solidifying the brand's position with higher standards.


        The outstanding brand value is more conducive to professional collaborators selecting high-quality auxiliary cables with ease. This stems from Bridgee's recent focus on the product line for audio-visual integration on the commercial side, specifically developing and supplying cables for integration professionals. Given the integration professionals' understanding and control advantages in the market, Bridgee can strategically plan product categories through various resources, achieving precise technological breakthroughs.