Bridgee MARK HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable Wins the“Muse Design Awards"

        On April 14, 2023, Bridgee Cable's flagship product, the MARK Series 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cable, was awarded the Gold Prize at the 'Muse Design Awards.' This represents a breakthrough in the world of high-end audio and video enthusiasts. The product, known for its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and stringent material selection, heralds a 'core' revolution in 8K video transmission.


        The Muse Design Awards is one of the most influential international awards in the field of creative design worldwide. It is organized by the International Awards Association (IAA) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), both with a rich history. The Muse Design Awards is known for its rigorous judging system and high-quality evaluation criteria. It appoints renowned professionals and leading institutions from the global creative and digital industries as jury members to ensure fairness and recognizes excellence in fields such as architecture, interior design, fashion, and product design.

        The award-winning Bridgee Cable's MARK Series HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable draws inspiration from the Marvel movie Iron Man's armor named MARK, symbolizing strength and powerful performance. The connectors feature a silver-white streamlined design, resembling the dynamic and agile appearance of a sports car. This design helps reduce the risk of high-temperature damage from surrounding electronic devices, preventing overheating that could affect the internal components' lifespan. Constructed with zinc alloy material, it offers excellent heat dissipation, reflecting interference from surrounding radiation. In contrast, many conventional HDMI products in the industry use simple injection-molded shells, lacking both effective heat dissipation and a sense of design.

        MARK, as the world's first custom high-precision 8K HDMI fiber optic cable, is crafted by professional technicians using a state-of-the-art Canon amplification device worth 700,000 yuan. This ensures that the fiber optics and lenses are perfectly aligned, enhancing the overall precision of the cable.

        The product utilizes silver-plated copper material and special shielding technology, achieving lossless signal transmission over distances of up to 30 meters while preventing interference from the surrounding environment and other devices.

        MARK series employs all imported components, with meticulous selection even for tiny components like resistors, enhancing the precision of the opto-electronic conversion engine across the board.

        The product has obtained official certification from the HDMI Association, supporting future applications of 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz, with a maximum resolution capability of 10K. It is also compatible with ARC/eARC, delivering impeccable visual and audio quality, making it a preferred choice for audiophiles."Stable connections with Bridgee." With its robust research, development, production, and manufacturing capabilities, Bridgee Cable has created numerous high-quality products for efficient audiovisual transmission, earning trust as a preferred brand among integrators. This award serves as encouragement for Bridgee Cable to continue innovating and developing even more outstanding products in appreciation of the users' support.