bridgee Cable's MARK HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable Honored with "New York Product Design Award."

       Following the "Muse International Creative Award," on April 17th, bridgee Cable's flagship product, the "MARK Series 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cable," clinched the "NY Product Design Awards." The consecutive wins of multiple international awards robustly demonstrate the product's excellence in design, performance, and technology, establishing a significant lead over similar products.


       “NY Product Design Awards” is one of the renowned product design accolades today. It aims to recognize ingenious product designers, design teams, and manufacturers from around the world, celebrating their designs and clever creations that enhance the quality of life.


       The award-winning bridgee Cable MARK Series HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable draws inspiration from the iconic armor name "MARK" in Marvel's Iron Man, symbolizing strength and outstanding performance. The connectors feature a silver-white streamlined design, creating a sense of agility reminiscent of a sports car. This design helps reduce the impact of high temperatures from surrounding electronic devices on the connectors, preventing overheating and ensuring longevity. Constructed with zinc alloy material, the cable offers excellent heat dissipation and reflects interference from surrounding radiation, distinguishing it from conventional HDMI products that often use simple injection-molded shells with poor heat dissipation and lack of design aesthetics.


       MARK, as the world's first custom high-precision 8K HDMI fiber optic cable, undergoes precise alignment using a Keyence amplifier worth 700,000 units by professional technicians. This ensures that the fiber optics and lenses are perfectly aligned, enhancing the overall precision of the cable.


       The product utilizes silver-plated copper material and special shielding technology, achieving lossless signal transmission over distances of up to 30 meters while preventing interference from the surrounding environment and devices.

       The MARK series employs all imported components, with meticulous selection even for tiny components like resistors, enhancing the precision of the opto-electronic conversion engine across the board.

       The product has received official certification from the HDMI Association, supporting future applications like 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz, with a maximum resolution of 10K and compatibility with ARC/eARC. Its exceptional visual and audio quality make it an optimal choice for high-end equipment.

       As a brand dedicated to providing audio and video cables for integrators, Bridgee Cable boasts leading global research and development, manufacturing capabilities, and a diverse product range covering home and commercial audiovisual needs. With products spanning HDMI, DP, USB, audio cables, speaker cables, and more, Bridgee Cable is a trusted partner for renowned brands such as Sony and TCL. Looking ahead, Bridgee Cable will continue to forge ahead, developing even higher-quality products and embarking on new journeys.