Bridgee Cable's 2023 New Standard Summary: Strength Affirms 'Certification'

       In 2023, Bridgee Cable's HDMI product line can be considered the "Certification Year," achieving a milestone breakthrough in the audio and video cable industry. It has obtained multiple high-profile certifications, a rarity among audio and video cable brands worldwide. These certifications include:

       1、UHS Certification

       UHS, Ultra Certified Cable HDMI High Speed, represents the next-generation HDMI standard. It is an official certification under the HDMI 2.1 standard released by the HDMI Association, enabling 8K data transmission (rate: 8K60Hz/4K120Hz) with a bandwidth of up to 48Gbps. This certification supports the HDMI Association's authorized precise scanning anti-counterfeiting technology.

       Among Bridgee's main non-customized cables offerings, including flagship models like MARK2.1, both fiber and copper core HDMI cables have received UHS certification.


       This represents the ceiling of high-profile certifications in the industry. Ordinary audio and video enthusiasts can confidently identify this small silver label, ensuring they purchase HDMI cables with top-tier performance. This applies to users in various scenarios, including but not limited to those using PS5, XboxSX, Blu-ray/hard disk UHD players, graphics card PCs, and more.

       2、ISF Certification

       ISF, Imaging Science Foundation, is a commonly seen logo on professional video display equipment, such as high-end projectors or monitors designed for professional use. ISF is an industry-recognized standard for ensuring high-quality video color reproduction. This industry standard is also one of the driving forces behind the achievement of a sense of accomplishment for many audio and video enthusiasts when manually calibrating colors.


       Additionally, ISF is dedicated to improving and enhancing the image quality and display performance of visual devices. Since its establishment, it has consistently served as the authoritative organization for testing and certifying high-end video consumer products. Products that receive ISF certification meet stringent requirements set by its laboratory for high-quality image reproduction in terms of performance and quality control.

       Bridgee, in the HDMI cable domain, has achieved precise and stable parameter stability, setting the benchmark and extending ISF certification to the rare "cable end" in the industry. As a result, the entire ISF product ecosystem has formed a closed loop, ensuring professional and perfect image reproduction from playback devices to data cables and then to displays.

       3、CEDIA Member

       The North American CEDIA Association, a ceiling-level association in the global smart furniture and audio-visual industry, is a longstanding exhibition that top global brands strive to participate in. The qualification threshold for entry is extremely high, making it challenging for those without sufficient strength and technical expertise to join. In May of this year, Bridgee Cable officially joined CEDIA and will participate in the North American CEDIA EXPO exhibition in September, speaking with a formidable product lineup.


       Certainly, Bridgee's fiber HDMI cables have gained a reputation, but the brand's excellence extends beyond that. Whether in traditional copper-core HDMI, traditional high-end speaker cables, or even cutting-edge fiber USB cables, Bridgee takes pride in its technological expertise and mastery.

       Bridgee's HDMI cables have garnered significant attention in recent years, primarily for three reasons:

       1、Quality and quality control that withstands scrutiny from international authoritative organizations.

       2、Parameters for various materials are among the industry's top tier.

       3、A focus on product details from the perspective of user experience.

In the end, perhaps UHS, ISF, and CEDIA are not necessarily the most crucial factors. The true mark of excellence lies in the cable brands chosen and used by consumers.