Bridgee's MARK Fiber HDMI Cable Wins "French Design Award"

        In the field of audio and video cables, with the emergence of the UHS standard (Ultra Certified Cable HDMI High Speed), various high-end models from different brands have pushed product performance to the bottleneck of the next-generation 8K. They have meticulously focused on both quality control and performance. Nowadays, professional audio and video cable brands have even started emphasizing aesthetics.

        In August 2023, according to the official website of Bridge Cable, its MARK series fiber HDMI cable won the FRENCH DESIGN AWARD. This marks the third international design award won by this audio and video cable, establishing itself as a trendsetter in the HDMI world in terms of aesthetics.


        Bridge Cable introduces the MARK2.1 series fiber HDMI, reaching its peak upon debut. It has obtained the UHS certification from the HDMI Association, achieving seamless transmission of 8K at 60Hz and 4K at 120Hz in terms of performance. The cable supports a comprehensive set of advanced features, including full HDR, BT2020, VRR, eARC, and more. In simple terms, for users seeking high-performance, this cable is a must-have.


        The 8K next-generation performance of the Bridge MARK series is not just about basic functionality; what truly stands out is its exceptional aesthetics. After winning the Golden Muse Award and the Silver Award at the New York Design Awards in 2023, it was confirmed in August that the series received the FRENCH DESIGN AWARD once again.

        FRENCH DESIGN AWARD (FDA), was established by the International Awards Limited (IAL Group) in 2015. It is dedicated to providing a broader platform for global designers and works, conveying outstanding human-centered design concepts, and leading global fashion innovation.

        This year, among the award-winning brands are Siemens Medical Equipment (LUMINOS Impulse), Sony (WF-1000XM4 Package), Philips (Bottle Warmer), and LG (CordZero Smart Robot Vacuum), among many other esteemed companions. In a multitude of entries, the French Design Award combines classic tradition with cutting-edge technology, selecting representative showcases in each field. Aesthetic appeal is evident, but more importantly, the depth of these works highlights their positive contribution to improving people's quality of life!


        Introduced by Bridge Cable's product manager, Roy, the design details of MARK2.1 have undergone extensive research in terms of practicality and user-friendliness.


        It comes equipped with two small cloth bags that can be placed over exposed cable ends after wiring and decoration, providing secure protection against dust and debris. This ensures that even during subsequent renovations with considerable dust and wood shavings, the exposed cable ends remain unaffected. Additionally, labels are added to both ends for clarity during the wiring and decoration process, enabling construction personnel to easily distinguish between entry and exit points and preventing construction errors from the source.

        During the wiring and decoration process, the traditionally fragile fiber optic cable is reinforced with an exceptionally robust industrial-grade nylon outer layer, ensuring its durability and resilience.


        The casing of the Bridge MARK series fiber HDMI is meticulously crafted, featuring connectors with a 30u gold plating specification. Its internal auxiliary core is made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper, and the precision-engineered zinc alloy shell with a sleek streamlined design not only ensures stability but also shields against electromagnetic interference. Additionally, it incorporates Bridge's unique OE-Optiz™ optical-electrical conversion engine, making the entire cable both internally and externally beautiful.

        On the surface, it may seem like an accumulation of exquisite details, but in reality, it represents the result of years of meticulous cultivation by Bridge in the industry. The dedication to creating excellent products for the audiovisual industry is evident. The accolades and recognition received by Bridge MARK from numerous international design awards are inseparable from the brand's highly skilled approach to product development and its unwavering commitment to serving consumers. The awards earned by MARK truly reflect its name and substance!

Setting aside the practical and user-friendly details, some users may question: "When buying an audio and video cable for wiring and connecting devices, is it really necessary to consider the appearance of the cable?"


        After all, aesthetics are synonymous with righteousness, taste, and power! The Bridge MARK series holds a distinctive value in the high-end gaming community, going beyond excellent performance. Unlike the uniform appearance of ordinary HDMI cables, for gamers, even the occasional equipment showcase on social media can reveal a glimpse of the cable's extraordinary design. This not only underscores the owner's demanding pursuit of audio and video excellence but also reflects a high-level taste.