Chengdu Audio Exhibition, Bridgee Cable Shines in the Audio-Visual Cable Industry

        On October 20, 2023, the grand opening of the Chengdu Audio Exhibition took place, featuring a showcase of audio and video cables. Among them, Bridgee, a recently popular brand in the North American industry, also joined the event, attracting attention from enthusiasts.


       As one of the members of CEDIA, Bridgee showcased its flagship product, the highly acclaimed MARK2.1, at the Chengdu Audio Exhibition. This product has garnered significant attention from North American audio and video media. Notably, MARK2.1, being an HDMI Association officially UHS certified product, is reported to provide enhanced support for audio systems through its strengthened eARC functionality.


       eARC, short for Enhanced Audio Return Channel, provides comprehensive support for nearly all multi-channel audio transmission protocols available in the market. These include:

       Linear PCM (2.0, 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 channels);AC-4;Dolby Audio (including Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos);DTS Audio (including DTS HDMA and DTS:X)

Remarkably, the audio transmission capability of the Bridgee MARK2.1 series extends to an impressive 32 channels.

       In addition to its robust audio transmission capabilities, MARK, as a flagship HDMI cable, excels in video transmission and collaborates with industry peers for enhanced output.


       In the exhibition hall, the quality of the cable is crucial for superior audiovisual performance. With excellent projection equipment paired with Bridgee cables certified by ISF (Imaging Science Foundation), the audiovisual reproduction is seamless, allowing for the full expression of high-quality images.

       As a professional exhibitor, the Bridgee MARK series is particularly suitable for large-scale home installations or commercial wiring, especially with its fiber optic HDMI. Meanwhile, in the realm of traditional copper-core HDMI cables, Bridgee continues to demonstrate its strength, exemplified by the XIN series.

       The traditional copper-core HDMI is also a forte of Bridgee. As a supporter of UHS, the XIN series achieves a massive data throughput of up to 48 Gbps in high-end audiovisual devices, ensuring top-notch audio and video quality.


       Furthermore, for users seeking immersive multi-channel experiences, each dedicated speaker cable requires a more excellent and stable solution. At the Chengdu Audio Exhibition, Bridgee's XCC series and XP series speaker cables engaged in splendid interactions with industry peers.

       Bridgee is a professional enterprise specializing in the research and development of audio and video cables. As a member of the world-renowned CEDIA EXPO for smart homes and audiovisual exhibitions, the Chengdu Audio Exhibition provides an opportunity for Bridgee to further expand its brand awareness. The exhibition showcases the company's stable and robust data transmission capabilities, aiming to impress audio and video enthusiasts from all walks of life.