Bridgee elite cable national version, debut in Guangzhou audio and record exhibition

      At the end of 2023, widely praised by North American audio-visual players CEDIA members BridgeeCable (Chinese name: bridge line cable), the recent national version of the elite cable matrix in the country's major professional audio-visual exhibitions frequently debut, November 24, 2023 -26, Guangzhou Oriental Hotel, organized by the 29th GZHE (2023 Guangzhou International Audio & Records Winter Special Exhibition), but also the debut of the first show out of its newest launch of the XCS audio line series.


      Bridgee's cable in the eyes of domestic players may still be slightly unfamiliar, but in the U.S. audio-visual circle is a proper heavy high-end popularity of the line, originating from its as a global ceiling smart home and audio-visual exhibitions - CEDIA's official members of more than just a brand show, but also Bridgee is the CEDIA official designation of the audio-visual cable technology training and sharing units.


      Earlier on, Bridgee, originating from a professional engineering cable manufacturer in the industry, had its commercial-grade products widely used in various scenes globally, including numerous cinemas, theaters, museums, university multimedia classrooms, and even airports. The professionalism and performance parameters are more demanding than those of home audio and video cables. Moreover, Bridgee's flagship optical fiber HDMI—MARK2.1 has earned its place in the ISF certification matrix. In simpler terms, many scenarios that require a combination with ISF tailored suits, such as post-image tuning, professional graphic design studios, photography and video color correction, and high-end private theaters, can all be considered equipped with this cable series as an ISF standard.

      What's even more exciting is that at this year's Guangzhou Audio Expo, Bridgee has unveiled another heavyweight product series—HiFi High-End Cable XCS. Moreover, all at once, it has introduced the three commonly used connectors in the mainstream HiFi audio connection systems on the market.

      Cannon, Lotus coaxial (RCA), and interchangeable Y+B connectors. Moreover, although these three connectors belong to the XCS series, the structure of the cable body is individually optimized. It is by no means a simple "plug and play." This attention to detail reflects the precision and rigor in Bridgee's product strategic layout.


      As a premium cable brand making strides in the high-end audio and video field, Bridgee not only participates in domestic exhibitions but also serves as an excellent auxiliary for its counterparts. At the Guangzhou Audio Expo, the popular DAC devices, Asolo A6 and A8, have incorporated the Bridgee XCS series.


      In addition, Bridgee's star products—Bridgee MARK, KAI, XIN, and other HDMI cables, also serve as cable support for various international brand exhibitions.For example, the Sony flagship 4K projector XW7000:


      Bridgee uses MARK2.1 and KAI2.1 as bridge support, simultaneously meeting the requirements for high-intensity data restoration and stability. With the refinement and long-distance capabilities of optical fiber, it allows home theater spaces to fully unleash their potential.

      No wonder Bridgee HDMI is enthusiastically sought after by enthusiasts in the North American gaming community. It is reported that in the upcoming year 2024, Bridgee cables will make appearances at more professional exhibitions in China, bringing more professionally stable and user-friendly premium cables for audio and video enthusiasts and integrator.