Wonderful debut! Bridgee's XCS audio cable starts the road to award

      Bridgee audio and video cables in recent years the reputation can be said to be flourishing, not only in the film and television enthusiasts familiar with the optical HDMI "MARK" series in North America to shine, its audio cable is a superb strength, especially engineering cables in the industry's reputation - the bridge sector XCC, XP and other audio cables and the Hollywood Royal speaker matrix brand MeyerSound's South China Demonstration Hall cooperation has been a beautiful talk.


      Bridgee's experience in audio cables and projects is obvious to all, and its recently launched XCS series, a civilian-grade high-end audio cable specially designed for HiFi players, is even more of a king of the bomb, which can be said to be the pinnacle of its debut.

  Launched by the "Home Theatre Technology" magazine, the 2023 Yearbook, Bridgee's XCS-SPK13x2HiFi audio cables into the "AV TOP 100!" in December 2023, the tail end of the small, XCS began to reap the initial heavy awards.


      "AV TOP 100!" excellent equipment recommendation list is "Home Theatre Technology" magazine from 2004, for the audio and video enthusiasts and industry professionals tailored to the selection of each year in the field of audio-visual integration of the influential 100 representative audio-visual products, the type of coverage of the private cinema, living room cinema, Hi-Fi audio, Hi-Fi audio, personal digital entertainment, smart home and many other aspects, for consumers to buy and match the relevant products to provide authoritative reference.


      Bridge XCS professional HiFi audio cables seem to be "debut", in fact, this brand in the professional engineering class audio cable has long been a master, in the many need to use large high-end speakers occasions, such as concert halls, private cinemas, concerts, airports, museums and other construction scenarios --Good sound quality + easy installation + durability, is the key to the favour of the project side of the bridge audio cable solutions.

  XCS, is a series of Bridge audio cable, which is a collection of the advantages of the previous generations of audio cables, at the same time, this time as a civilian product, but also in the value of hard work, the concept of "exquisite" to the inconspicuous speaker line, so that discerning HiFi enthusiasts for the like.


      The award-winning Bridgee XCS-SPK13x2, the use of time correct windings technology (time correct windings), can effectively control the use of audio in the process of unstable voltage caused by the magnetic field distortion; wire core is the luxurious use of 13AWG2 silver-plated oxygen-free copper, so that the sound is still the original original, beautiful and generous; it is worth mentioning that the XCS outer wrap The use of custom PE insulation medium and special graphene shielding layer, accompanied by high-strength nylon protection, taking into account the feel at the same time to significantly avoid external electromagnetic interference - in short, from inside to outside, all points in the HiFi audiophile's heart.


      It is reported that the XCS a total of three, corresponding to three different specifications of the interface, for the vast majority of audio accepted on the market, in addition to the SPK series for the removable y + b mode, the other two interfaces are also used to the one-piece moulding of pure copper silver-plated connectors, regardless of the specification parameters or the value of, are properly pulled full.


      Powerful HiFi audio cable products, XCS debut awards, I believe that the strength of this series of charisma can also be like the mark series, in the near future, with more authoritative international awards to lead the audio-visual and HiFi players sought after!