Bridgee Cable's Domestic Version Joins Forces with MeyerSound

      The popular audio-visual cable brand Bridgee Cable in North America is collaborating closely with the MeyerSound Guangzhou Experience Center. The domestic version of Bridgee's cable products is gradually making its debut in the domestic market, including elite models like Bridgee MARK2.1, offering comprehensive compatibility with professional audio-visual scenes.


      Regarding commercial applications in the speaker industry: MeyerSound can achieve a wide range of scenarios, including large-scale broadcasting venues (such as live concerts, music halls, museums, etc.), professional mixing studios, recording studio monitoring, or immersive cinema stereo sound, presenting an impressive lineup.


      In terms of cable layout: Leading the way is Bridgee's elite MARK2.1, which has received both UHS and ISF certifications. It features Bridgee's exclusive OE-Optiz™ Optical-Electrical Conversion Engine in its elite fiber-optic HDMI cable. This cable, with its superior fiber characteristics, can achieve stable data transmission over ultra-long distances. It also boasts robust wear-resistant outer wrapping and anti-interference shielding capabilities.

      It is reported that Bridgee plans to expand its product line in 2024, introducing more audio cables and professional high-end HiFi cables, including series such as XCS, XCC, XP, and others.

      MeyerSound, as the preferred brand of monitoring speakers for several top Hollywood composers, including Hans Zimmer, John Powell, and other elite composers, has stringent requirements for professional audio-visual cables, especially audio cables. Meanwhile, Bridgee excels in the field of engineering cables, having undertaken projects for large public venues such as the National Convention Center Phase II (Tianjin), Gansu Jiandu Museum, and Hefei Mingzhu Industrial Park. It can be described as a synergistic collaboration where "the source of sound is intertwined," a perfect match made in heaven.

      MeyerSound's professional speaker matrix is currently in deep collaboration with Bridgee audio-visual cables, bringing back good sound with excellent speakers and matching cables! The collaboration between Bridgee and MeyerSound goes beyond commercial wiring itself and holds profound significance:

      At this stage, the MeyerSound Guangzhou offline experience center has started accepting appointments for auditions, demonstrating globally leading outstanding audio brands represented by Meyer Sound EXP Matrix – set up positions, lay out cables, tune the sound, in a professional venue, providing visitors with a high-quality immersive reference-grade experience. In essence, experiencing it allows you to have a ceiling monitoring experience comparable to that of a Hollywood director!

      In 2024, more professionals in China, such as film directors, professional sound engineers, concert planners, and music hall designers, will also be able to easily experience the charm of professional-grade audio matrices and high-quality audio-visual cables.