AV Extreme X Bridgee, the natonal version of MARK Fibre Optic HDMI, wins another award

      In recent years, Bridgee's flagship MARK series fiber HDMI cables have been racking up awards, as they stand out as the unparalleled choice in the realm of professional fiber HDMI cables, being the exclusive recipient of both ISF and UHS2.1 certifications.


      Previously, Bridgee MARK won multiple internationally renowned design awards for its exterior design, including prestigious honors such as the Muse Design Award (2023) and the Silver Medal at the New York Design Awards (2023).

      Since officially becoming a member of the North American CEDIA EXPO in 2023, this high-end cable, renowned for its aesthetics, once again attracted attention from North American audiovisual media. After numerous tests, it has transformed from a beauty-focused product to a powerhouse. Bridgee has been intensifying its efforts in the domestic market in recent years, and its awards from domestic audio and video enthusiasts have naturally followed suit. At the end of 2023, MARK once again received the "Equipment Award" from "FI-PLAY," a prestigious audio and video publication.


      MARK Fiber HDMI cable not only stands out in terms of aesthetics but has garnered favor from major global audiovisual media for the following key reasons:

      1. Safeguarded by OE-Optiz™ for robust transmission capabilities.


      The use of optical HDMI was initially prevalent in commercial installations, suitable for outdoor large-screen displays or commercial exhibitions. In recent years, it has also found extensive applications in luxurious settings such as private home theaters. While the optical fiber material offers the advantage of avoiding signal attenuation due to cable length, there is still a slight disadvantage due to losses associated with optical-electrical conversion compared to traditional high-quality copper-core HDMI cables. However, Bridgee, leveraging cutting-edge technology, has gone a step further. With 24K/30u gold-plated copper connectors as a foundation, it has developed the exclusive OE-Optiz™ optical-electrical conversion engine to safeguard the signal restoration during the transmission of optical HDMI.

      2、Durable and Functional Outer Sheath Material


      Many enthusiasts and players first consider the level and material of the outer sheath when distinguishing cables. A capable product manager for excellent cables will undoubtedly conduct thorough research on the cable's anti-interference shielding and further enhance the tactile feel of the cable. Additionally, they will focus on durability (anti-wear and oxidation resistance) for reinforcement. MARK, as an ultra-long and customizable optical HDMI cable, is directly covered with a special nylon layer for added strength. Inside, there is a delicate system that combines special PVC, aluminum film, and more, ensuring both anti-interference and protective features.

      3、Genuine Professional Certifications

      Currently, high-end HDMI products obtaining official UHS2.1 certification are no longer rare, and it can even be considered a basic requirement. However, HDMI cables (whether copper or fiber optic) that can obtain ISF certification worldwide are few and far between. This is because the threshold is stringent. Once a cable receives this certification, it indicates that the cable can be applied to professional productivity fields such as color grading in film and television post-production, photo retouching by photographers, and professional audiovisual playback theaters. The ISF-certified cable signifies a gold standard for faithfully reproducing film and video images.

In the tail end of 2023, Bridgee Cable's MARK Chinese version also received higher honors domestically, gaining recognition from professional media. This outstanding audio-visual cable brand, which has previously focused on the development of engineering-grade cables, is steadily entering the consumer market in 2024, promising to deliver more exciting products for home audio and video enthusiasts.