Heritage of Excellence: Bridgee Cable's Dual Cables Win Awards

      At the end of 2023, Bridgee Cable, a popular audiovisual cable brand in the North American audiovisual community, also known as Bridgee Cable in Chinese, received two prestigious awards in China.

      These awards were presented by the well-known Chinese audio and video enthusiast magazine 'FI-PLAY.' The awards were given for the Editor's Choice 2023 Equipment Award for Bridgee's flagship fiber optic HDMI 2.1 cable – the MARK series:


      And 'Home Theater Technology' awarded the Best Buy Awards to Bridgee XCS series, recognizing it as one of the top 100 outstanding equipment recommendations for 2023-2024!

      These two cables are super heavyweight representatives in both the 'video' and 'audio' fields, with the Fiber Optic HDMI MARK series having garnered numerous awards. It's synonymous with the Bridgee brand, boasting a design that caters to both engineering and civilian needs. Its outstanding performance, achieving both UHS2.1 standards and ISF commercial color grading certification (officially certified by the HDMI Association and ISF), makes this cable a dominating presence in the HDMI realm.


      Additionally, Bridgee's MARK series exclusively incorporates the OE-Optiz™ optical-electric conversion engine, representing a technological innovation in the field of fiber optic HDMI cables. This feature leads to a qualitative leap in the restoration of audio-visual data.

      In the case of Bridgee XCS, it is a classic high-end HiFi material stacking game. Yes, pure material stacking involves wrapping the multi-specification silver-plated core, incorporating timing structure braiding technology, reinforced outer shielding layer, integrated molded speaker wire interface, and multi-layer injection molding process. It caters to the demanding and discerning audiophiles, providing a genuine musical experience without the need for excessive 'black technology,' as sincere materials are the key to authentic musical enjoyment.

      In recent years, Bridgee has embarked on a journey from traditional engineering-grade audiovisual cables to high-end consumer-grade cables, and its extraordinary efforts have been duly recognized with well-deserved awards.

      It is reported that in the upcoming year 2024, leveraging the expertise gained in immersive fiber optic cable technology and copper core processing techniques, Bridgee will introduce more premium cables. This includes specialized cables tailored for future smart home systems, aiming to bridge the gap for enthusiasts and smart home users seeking a luxurious product experience.