Evolutionary Form of Fiber HDMI, Bridgee KAI2024 Upgraded Version Arrives

        Renowned in the custom installation fiber HDMI cable industry, Bridgee has introduced the upgraded version of its star product, the KAI2.1 Series 2024. The new upgraded cable boasts formidable capabilities and aesthetics, excelling in both custom engineering installations and consumer audiovisual transmissions.

The Bridgee KAI series, with "KAI" sounding like "armor" in Chinese, lives up to its name by incorporating robust austenitic 304 stainless steel as the cable's metallic casing. The stainless steel, in a coiling form, serves as a protective armor for the entire cable, allowing it to flex naturally even under the challenges of engineering installations such as pulling and stapling risks, as well as providing resilience against pet or rodent biting for home use and withstanding outdoor scenarios like trampling and crushing.

The Bridgee KAI series stands out not only for its extremely robust cable armor but also for its exquisite connectors and impressive ultra-thin cable structure. Representing the craftsmanship of Bridgee cables, it is a masterpiece suitable for both engineering bridging and outdoor tasks, offering a combination of delicacy and security, embodying the concept of being a trusted cable by integrators.

In 2023, following the maturity of the product concept for KAI, Bridgee continued its efforts and achieved certification for the UHS 2.1 specification from the HDMI Licensing Administrator. This led to the emergence of the flagship model—KAI 2.1. This cable is fully capable of handling the data transmission of the next generation at 48 Gbps and supports all parameters and detailed functionalities outlined in the HDMI Association's 2.1 specification for cables.   

Until 2024, Bridgee is launching a new product—the Bridgee KAI series, bringing another round of upgrades! KAI will build upon the 2023 model with a more powerful design philosophy:

The previous outer casing has been upgraded to a transparent high-grade TPU material, offering enhanced functionality, including corrosion resistance, fire retardance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and electromagnetic interference shielding. Moreover, users can easily observe the robust AISI 304 stainless steel winding layer, providing improvements in both practicality and aesthetics compared to the older version.

According to Roy, the Product Director at Bridgee, the feedback from seasoned integrator designers on the new KAI series is that even when used for "cable artistry," KAI brings a visually distinctive feedback.

Moreover, the new Bridgee KAI series fiber HDMI cable maintains an astonishingly slim diameter of 3.8 millimeters!

In recent years, Bridgee cables have gained a strong reputation in the field of professional audio and video cables. The KAI series goes beyond a mere upgrade in cable design. Leveraging the opportunity of becoming a significant member of the North American CEDIA EXPO in 2023, Bridgee has gradually expanded its product positioning into the realm of high-quality home audio and video cables. The brand-new KAI series has undergone significant improvements in packaging details as well, including upgraded velvet pouches, dustproof connector-specific bags, wiring gloves, gift box packaging, and other elements. This ensures that this cable product, lighting up the world of black technology, can also serve as an exquisite gift for audio enthusiasts.