ISE European audiovisual equipment exhibition is opening soon, Bridgee will lead the flagship cable

       ISE, as the premier European ceiling-level exposition for audiovisual equipment, will showcase top-of-the-line global audiovisual devices. Bridgee Cable, a member of CEDIA, will also participate, presenting its highly anticipated flagship products to the industry.


       ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2024, the European trade show for audiovisual equipment and information system integration technology, will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 30th January to   2th February, 2024. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in the 20-year history of ISE and is anticipated to be the largest and most captivating event in ISE history, according to official statements.


       The prelude to ISE 2024 has already made history—by the end of 2023, exhibition booth reservations were almost sold out, and in terms of exhibition hall size, it is vast and magnificent—spanning eight major halls at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. This underscores the passionate and extravagant enthusiasm of Europeans for integrated audiovisual experiences. It is reported that the total exhibition space for ISE 2024 will increase by 30% compared to the previous year. Professionals, media, and enthusiasts in the audiovisual field in Europe and around the world are eagerly anticipating the grand exhibition, as ISE aims to consolidate its reputation as the preferred trade show for integrated audiovisual professionals.

       Bridgee Cable's booth is located at 2H330, showcasing the legendary fiber-optic HDMI—MARK series and KAI series. The significance of this exhibition goes beyond the display of these two high-end cables; not only do they have the official UHS2.1 certification from the HDMI Association, but the MARK 2.1 version also proudly earned the prestigious ISF certification in 2023. The dual certification positions Bridgee's fiber-optic HDMI cables as the top-tier specifications in the entire audiovisual cable landscape.

       In the current era dominated by smart homes, the Bridgee KAI2.1-2024 edition stands out with exceptional performance. Unfazed by length, the entire cable body is encased in a winding of austenitic 304 stainless steel. In terms of home wiring, it boasts a robust lifespan and convenience.


       Moreover, ISE attracts significant attention in Europe, and its influential position is further elevated by the splendid prevalence of the HiFi audio market in Europe. Even on the official ISE website, numerous European HiFi audio systems are highlighted as key features. Bridgee Cable's ambitions are not limited to high-end HDMI; their speaker cables tailored for professional HiFi audio systems are also exquisite masterpieces.


       On the ISE front, Bridgee will also showcase its newly launched HiFi audio cable XCS series, featuring impressive materials and refined technology to create a luxurious HiFi bridging cable. It is expected to interact with the same platform audio brands, bringing a fresh cable upgrade experience to the HiFi audio world in Europe and beyond.