Bridgee is set to showcase its flagship cables in Barcelona as ISE 2024 approaches

       The ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) Barcelona Exhibition, scheduled from January 31 to February 2, 2024, is a highly anticipated event in the field of audiovisual equipment and integrated information systems. It stands as one of the largest exhibitions in Europe, bringing together top global brands in audiovisual and smart home technology, along with media and audiences, making it a premier event in the professional audiovisual exhibition circuit.


       In early 2024, ISE celebrates its twentieth anniversary with the grand event taking place at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. The scale of this milestone exhibition is unprecedented, with official data revealing a significant expansion. The exhibition space has been enlarged by directly integrating eight halls of the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, resulting in a 30% increase in the total exhibition area compared to the previous year.


       The ambition of this year's ISE is not confined to Europe; its 20th-anniversary slogan is "the world’s leading audiovisual expo!"


       The Barcelona ISE exhibition is jointly organized by the International Communications Industries Association (InfoComm International) and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). As one of the CEDIA members, Bridgee will be located at booth number "2H330" — featuring its star flagship products: the MARK 2.1 Fiber HDMI, Armored Special Engineering Cable KAI2.1, and the all-new HiFi audio flagship cable XCS series.




       Featuring the exclusive Optiz™ Optical-Electrical Conversion Engine (OE-Optiz™), this fiber HDMI cable achieves ultra-flagship high fidelity. It stands as a revered presence among North American audio and video enthusiasts. Additionally, the cable boasts powerful ISF certification, providing hardware support for professional post-production color grading.



       The Bridgee KAI2.1 Armor Series not only features the comprehensive UHS2.1 ultra-high-speed transmission certification officially awarded by the HDMI Association but also comes equipped with the austenitic 304 stainless steel winding technology. This ensures a robust cable structure while achieving a delicate and lightweight design, making it particularly suitable for large-scale construction wiring projects.

       XCS Advanced HiFi Speaker Cable

       Bridgee XCS is the flagship HiFi audio cable introduced for the first time after the renowned success of its commercial-grade engineering cables. Prior to its release, the cable underwent extensive testing and collaborated multiple times with major global high-end audio exhibitions. With a rich history of collaboration with top-notch audio showcases worldwide, the debut of XCS at the prestigious European exhibition, known for its abundance of the HiFi audio civilization, is expected to ignite a wave of premium HiFi enthusiasm.

       The ISE exhibition will encompass a wide range of audiovisual technologies and solutions in areas such as private cinemas, HiFi audio, digital signage systems, data cables, smart homes, transportation, security, construction, and corporate sectors. As an indispensable brand for data cables, Bridgee will showcase its premium cable offerings, including fiber-grade Type-C, copper-core HDMI XIN, high-end speaker cable XCC, and upgraded models for 2024, adding a touch of brilliance to the excitement of ISE.