Power of Connection: Bridgee Cable's Invitation for ISE 2024 in Spain Released

       In mid-January, Bridgee, a member of both ISF and CEDIA, unveiled the invitation and booth details for ISE 2024, announcing its participation in the event in Spain.


   ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2024, the European exhibition showcasing audiovisual equipment and integrated information systems, will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30th to February 2nd. This marks the significant 20th-anniversary celebration for ISE, positioning it as a milestone event in the industry with influence comparable to North America's CES. It is aptly hailed as "The world’s leading audiovisual expo."

   Bridgee, adhering to the brand philosophy of "Power of Connection" and backed by outstanding products in the field of integrated wiring, will participate jointly with top-notch speaker brand Procella Audio and high-end projector brand SIM2 in this edition of the exhibition.


   Bridgee's booth is located at 2H330 in the Barcelona Exhibition Center. The main highlights of the exhibition include the flagship fiber HDMI cable with UHS2.1 and ISF certification – MARK2.1, the new transparent Austenitic 304 stainless steel armored fiber HDMI cable – KAI2.1, and the XCS series designed for high-end HiFi audio systems.


   Leveraging its strategic location at the core of Europe, Barcelona, Spain hosts ISE, a gathering of top-tier smart home, audio, and HiFi brands from Europe and around the world. According to the exhibitor list released by ISE, key participants include industry-leading exhibitors such as KNX, SIM2, Procella Audio, Jabra, Shure, ZOOM, MULTIBRACKETS, D&B, SENNHEISER, and over a thousand other professional brands worldwide.

   Based on incomplete statistics, ISE 2024 is poised to set a historical record, featuring a magnificent layout across all eight exhibition halls of Fira de Barcelona (official data indicates an exhibition space exceeding 60,000 square meters). This grand arrangement is expected to deliver a stunning experience for the industry and the general public in terms of smart living and audiovisual enjoyment. Media coverage is anticipated to be comprehensive, with leading technology outlets from around the world closely tracking the event.

   Brands competing alongside Bridgee at the event are all elite players in the global smart home and audiovisual systems sector. It is worth noting that Bridgee is not only a key participant in ISE but also a member of CEDIA, an important organizer of the exhibition. In addition to showcasing its products, Bridgee will play a significant role in technical training and provide audiovisual cable support for collaborative efforts with other industry players during the exhibition.