ISE Barcelona Exhibition, Bridgee Connects with High-Quality HiFi Cables

       ISE 2024 will be held in Barcelona, Spain from 31st January to 2nd February 2024,and Bridgee will bring its flagship audio-visual cables to the show at Booth 2H330.

ISE stands for Integrated Systems Europe, the premier European exhibition for integrated systems. This event will bring together top global brands in smart home and audiovisual devices, system integrators, product managers, professional consultants, sales agents, and industry media. ISE will host professional events such as technical training sessions, keynote speeches, and immersive technology showcases. Through these activities, tech companies will unveil new trends and market dynamics, leading the global audiovisual technology charm.

The 20th anniversary of ISE is approaching, marking a profound collaboration with the influential CEDIA association. This edition of ISE differs slightly from its North American counterpart, given Europe's status as a treasure trove of global HiFi audio brands. In this region, countless HiFi audio products with historical significance blossom like flowers. Additionally, there is the exclusive ISEaudio museum dedicated to music. As a member of CEDIA, Bridgee is well-prepared for this occasion and will showcase its newly developed high-end HiFi cables – the XCS!

The Bridgee XCS speaker cable is unveiled at the ISE grand exhibition, a gathering of HiFi audio experts. This reflects Bridgee's profound confidence in its product. After all, facing a European audience filled with connoisseurs of high-end HiFi, daring to present "audio cables" at a grand event dominated by top-notch audio brands is truly a bold move.

The Bridgee XCS speaker cable comes in three models to cater to different specifications. It doesn't employ the common practice of using the same cable body to replace connectors. Instead, it incorporates distinctly different wire core arrangements and shielding technologies tailored to different interface specifications. The aim is to bring out the best in professionalism and product individuality.

In contrast to the widely known Bridgee MARK series fiber HDMI cables among audiophiles and enthusiasts, the HiFi audio cables showcased by Bridgee at ISE do not incorporate intricate "black technology." Instead, the emphasis is on enhancing the cables themselves with various high-quality materials. This includes the use of silver-plated high-purity oxygen-free copper for the entire cable body, as well as configurations with rhodium-plated copper connectors. The direct result is achieving the ultimate transmission performance sought after by traditional HiFi enthusiasts, with a focus on expensive cost considerations.

Bridgee's play in the realm of HiFi audio cables holds a distinct advantage at the ISE exhibition. After all, nearly 80% of traditional HiFi audio brands hail from Europe, making HiFi product lines a highly anticipated and popular category at this year's ISE event in Barcelona. The sincere and potent strategy lies in the meticulous crafting of cables as genuine "supplements."

It is reported that Bridgee XCS offers three different specifications to meet the diverse requirements of speakers or amplifiers/decoding devices of various models. This comprehensive lineup includes commonly used RCA standard ports, professional-grade Cannon plugs, and the high-end interchangeable banana plugs. Each specification undergoes individualized interface design and cable tuning. Additionally, Bridgee incorporates its "time correction structure," previously refined in custom-engineered speaker cable series, into these HiFi audio cables.