kicks off on January 30th, and Bridgee Cable will be in attendance

        The ISE 2024, the premier European exhibition, will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30th to February 2nd. The event will span eight large halls at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via, marking a colossal scale unprecedented since the establishment of ISE 20 years ago. As a significant member of the organizing body CEDIA, Bridgee Cable will be at booth 2H330, joining forces with speaker brand Procella Audio and projection equipment brand SIM2 for a collaborative showcase.


        About ISE Exhibition (Integrated Systems Europe), it is the authoritative trade show for audiovisual technology in the business sector, boasting unparalleled influence in Europe to date. ISE exhibitors and attendees hail from around the globe, bringing together system integrators, product managers, traders, and profession al media in the audiovisual industry.

   Simultaneously, the ISE exhibition will host professional technical and training-embedded sessions, keynote speeches, and tours of technological scenarios. Through these activities, various technology companies will unveil new technological trends and market dynamics, guiding the global allure of audiovisual technology.

   A standout in the realm of fiber HDMI is the legendary Bridgee model - the MARK series. This cable not only holds the UHS2.1 ultra-high-speed certification that characterizes high-end HDMI cables but also secures the industry-referenced image and color calibration standard - ISF certification. It has become a top-selling, high-end professional audiovisual cable in North America. The MARK series will be dynamically showcased in conjunction with SIM2's flagship models.

In addition, Bridgee's KAI series fiber HDMI cable, the 2024 model - a new transparent body upgrade version, will also join the lineup and be unveiled at ISE. This cable has garnered attention for its full-body coverage with a wrapped 304 stainless steel layer. It is a UHS-certified cable suitable for a wide range of applications, including interior wiring and outdoor operations. With features such as flexible optional lengths, clever precision, and resistance to pulling and abrasion, it has become a product of particular interest in the European and American markets in recent years.


        In 2024, Bridgee will also make a strong push in the high-end HiFi audio signal cable market by unveiling the all-new XCS multi-specification audio cables at the ISE exhibition. Collaborating with the Procella Audio speaker brand, Bridgee aims to showcase finely tuned listening capabilities at ISE.