2024 ISE Exhibition in Barcelona: Bridgee Cable, CEDIA member, makes its debut

       The 2024 ISE Exhibition (Integrated Systems Europe) is set to take place from January 30th to February 2nd. Booths for SIM2, Procella Audio, Kaleidescape Inc, and Bridgee are currently under active construction.


     The venue for this edition of ISE remains the renowned port city of Barcelona, Spain, at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. With a 20-year history, ISE is a professional audiovisual and integrated multimedia exhibition that will bring together over a thousand global industry brands, integrators, and professionals. The event aims to set a new direction for audiovisual and smart home technologies in 2024.


     At the ISE Exhibition, spanning eight exhibition halls at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Bridgee Cable, a member of the organizing body CEDIA, has secured its presence. They are currently collaborating with fellow exhibitors such as SIM2 projection equipment and Procella Audio speakers to construct a new cinematic and auditory experience. Together, they are setting the stage for the Barcelona ISE Exhibition, which will unfold over the course of several days.


      Bridgee Cable presents its flagship MARK series, featuring premium fiber HDMI cables with dual UHS 2.1 and ISF certifications. These cables are encased in a stainless-steel braided armor, making them suitable for both interior wiring and outdoor applications. Additionally, the KAI series offers fiber HDMI cables with a stainless-steel body wrap, catering to installation and outdoor work requirements. The XCS series is designed to provide various adapter specifications for mainstream HiFi audio systems.

With years of immersion in the integrated cable field and industry accolades, Bridgee, a recognized player, aims to 'bridge' a greater variety of professional audiovisual equipment at this year's ISE Exhibition. This effort is intended to facilitate authentic demonstrations of cinematic and HiFi capabilities across various models. Furthermore, the global gathering of top-tier smart home and audiovisual equipment brands at this ISE Exhibition goes beyond showcasing product portfolios and technological prowess. Leveraging the exhibition's communicative and authoritative nature, it seeks to extend into more areas, steering the industry towards future technological trends and providing industry training. The goal is to ensure that the wonder brought by technological advancements is understood and appreciated by a broader audience, transcending commercial pursuits. ISE aims to integrate the joys of excellent audiovisual and smart living experiences into the homes of many, making technology an integral part of their enjoyment.