ISE 2024 Grand Opening: BRIDGEE Cables Showcases elite matrix

       The annual premier event for audiovisual and smart home technologies in Europe, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), successfully commenced on January 30th in the renowned port city of Barcelona, Spain. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this edition of ISE boasts an unprecedented scale.

Not only did elite brands from around the world participate in the exhibition, but the event also featured embedded demonstrations of various cutting-edge concept-based audiovisual products. Among them, the three flagship cable products presented by Bridgee were a highlight, showcasing alongside industry peers such as SIM2 and Procella Audio.

Bridgee's award-winning Mark series, a highly sought-after long-distance optical HDMI audio-visual cable popular in North America in recent years, has garnered numerous accolades. In addition to supporting the UHS 2.1 standard, these cables are ISF certified, ensuring a seamless and harmonious integration with SIM2 projection equipment.

On the other hand, the heavyweight collaborator Procella Audio speakers are accompanied by Bridgee's XCS series HiFi audio cables. The XCS series is a newly launched high-end HiFi signal cable by Bridgee in 2024. With a profound collaboration at this year's ISE exhibition with Procella Audio, the integration of MARK's "eARC" functionality with the high-fidelity output of XCS presents an exceptional opportunity for the release of this innovative product.

In addition, the exhibition featured a gathering of smart home brands, and Bridgee presented an upgraded version of the KAI series optical HDMI cable, known for its high-strength and abrasion-resistant properties crucial for precision wiring. The 2024 edition of the KAI series, with its robust design and capabilities, perfectly showcased Bridgee's elite lineup as a professional audiovisual cable brand. The strength of the team, the cable itself, and the discerning eyes of the attending professionals collectively highlighted Bridgee's prowess in the field.

The high caliber of this year's ISE exhibition was evident throughout the venue, with well-known industry leaders at almost every corner. Notably, ISE is co-hosted by AVIXA and CEDIA. As a proud member of CEDIA, Bridgee actively participated in the exhibition's distinctive industry training, keynote speeches by industry experts, and comprehensive experiential projects. This involvement contributes to the excitement of ISE's 20th anniversary, showcasing Bridgee's commitment to the event's success.