"World's First High-Precision Cable" Stuns Munich International Audio Show

      From May 9 to 12, the 2024 High End Munich, the world's largest and most prestigious audio show, is in full swing. Celebrating its 42nd year, the event attracts 1,000 global brands showcasing top-tier audio and video equipment, communication systems, and entertainment devices. It gathers audio experts from around the world, drawing 20,000 visitors and 500 journalists. Bridgee's world-first high-precision 8K cable stands out as one of the most notable highlights of the show.


As a leading professional cable brand, Bridgee unveiled two groundbreaking innovations at the event: the world's first high-precision 8K HDMI optical cable (MARK) and aerospace-grade graphene audio cables (XCS series). These products are set to revolutionize video and audio signal transmission.

The MARK cable features master-level welding and noise reduction technology, ensuring precision connections throughout. It uses fully imported components to enhance the accuracy of optoelectronic conversion and incorporates a blend of silver-plated OFC copper and OM3 optical fiber for lossless audio-visual experience.

The XCS series audio cables, equipped with a graphene shield that surpasses the thickness of conventional metal shields, create a pristine black background sound. These cables use silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors and Time Correct Windings to ensure unobstructed high-frequency transmission, faithfully reproducing authentic sound quality.


In addition, Bridgee showcased their ultra-thin 304 stainless steel armored HDMI optical cable and the award-winning control products, which received the prestigious International Audience Award. By providing a richer selection of high-quality audio-visual products, Bridgee continues to reinforce its position as a powerful brand on the global stage. Bridgee remains committed to delivering superior AV transmission solutions, always keeping integrators' needs at the forefront.