The rare ultra-thin armored HDMI cable shines at CEDIA training

      On May 17-18, the third CEDIA/CIT A/V Training Session, hosted by the authoritative American CEDIA Association and "Home Theater Technology" magazine, was held in Hangzhou. The event featured prominent A/V experts who taught the core knowledge and cutting-edge international aspects of "whole-home integrated audio-visual systems." Hundreds of industry trainees eagerly attended. During the latest technology product showcase, Bridgee's exceptionally rare ultra-thin armored stainless steel HDMI fiber optic cable captivated everyone's attention, truly making an impressive impact.

      The ultra-thin 304 stainless steel HDMI fiber optic cable, named KAI2.1, from Bridgee features exclusive technology. Common stainless steel fiber optic cables typically have a diameter of 5.8mm or more, making them bulky, hard to store, and difficult to bend. In contrast, the KAI2.1 cable has a diameter of only 3.8mm, which is just two-thirds the size of typical cables on the market, making it exceptionally rare. Its ultra-thin diameter allows for easy storage and can withstand 180-degree bends. Additionally, Bridgee's KAI2.1 cable has a connector length of only 3.0cm, also two-thirds the length of market standards, making it easier to maneuver around corners during installation. The 304 stainless steel armor provides protection against rodent bites, cart crushing, and accidental damage from nail guns, making it the top choice for integrators in wiring installations.

      At the event, Bridgee also showcased their world-first high-precision custom-grade HDMI 2.1 fiber optic cable, the MARK, and aerospace-grade graphene audio cables from the XCS series. These high-end cables were available for the experts and attendees to examine and appreciate, bringing breakthroughs and innovations to the AV industry.

        New technology is the key to a brand's rapid advancement. In the future, Bridgee will continue to forge ahead, always at the forefront, bringing more vitality and choices to the industry and customers.