2023 New Audio-Visual Tour Exhibition in Taiyuan

      On March 1, 2023, the 2023 New Audio-Visual National Tour Exhibition was held at the Wanda Vista Hotel in Taiyuan. Over 100 international audio-visual brands showcased their leading products and technologies, applying to various audio and video scenes such as tourism, performance, entertainment, and enterprise, promoting the industry's vigorous development.

      As an industry-recognized audio and visual brand, "Shenzhen McWazki" showcased its own brand, bridgee, at the exhibition (renamed from "Qi Ao" to "bridgee" for better brand development). Together with the famous brand Sony, they created a stunning high-end cinema system, showcasing an immersive 8K audio-visual feast.

      "Reliable connection with bridgee." bridgee has become a professional cable brand trusted by integrators. With its globally leading research and development and manufacturing capabilities, it has developed many professional-grade products, including HDMI, DP, USB, audio cables, speaker cables, and more, widely used in home and commercial audio and video.

      The bridgee KAI2.1 armored HDMI2.1 fiber optic cable showcased at the exhibition is a flagship product of bridgee, featuring ultra-high transmission rates and rugged durability. The cable is protected by 304 stainless steel armor, effectively resisting various hazards such as rodent bites, foot traffic, and gunshots, providing the safest and most reliable guarantee for home audio and video wiring.

      This product has HDMI2.1 official certification, with a 48Gbps ultra-large bandwidth that strictly complies with the standard, supporting 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz transmission rates, as well as BT2020 wide color gamut, making it the dedicated cable for 8K home theaters.

      In the future, bridgee will continue to research and develop and introduce more high-quality cables to reward everyone's trust!