bridgee attends the 2023 New Audiovisual Exhibition in Wuhan

      On February 17, 2023, the 6th season of the New Audiovisual National Tour Exhibition kicked off at the Eurasia Expo International Hotel in Wuhan. The exhibition brings together 50+ professional audiovisual brands, presenting high-quality products and audiovisual solutions such as stage special effects, professional audiovisual, and conference systems.

      Shenzhen McWazki is a professional audiovisual cable brand that brought its own brand, bridgee, to the exhibition (formerly known as "QiAo" and renamed "bridgee" for brand development and easy memory), and collaborated with Sony to create a professional cinema system, showcasing realistic and gorgeous 8K cinema visual effects.

      bridgee is a professional cable brand recognized by integrators, with world-leading manufacturing and R&D capabilities and can provide the best wiring solutions. Its product line includes HDMI, DP, USB, audio cables, speaker cables, etc., which are widely used in fields such as home theaters, video conferences, video surveillance, stage rentals, and machine vision.

      The focus of this exhibition is the PROF-H18DK fiber optic cable with armor separation, which is rugged, durable, and easy to install, and is an essential cable for rental performances and car exhibition LED screens. The product uses 304 stainless steel cable armor and single-end separation plugs, specifically designed to solve the difficult problems of pipe threading, cable damage, and signal interruption in construction projects. It can be up to 100 meters long, meeting various large-scene uses.

      Next stop, the exhibition in Changsha on February 21, where bridgee will launch more products to meet everyone's needs.