Bridgee attends at the 2022 New Audiovisual Exhibition in Hefei

      After leaving the previous stop in Zhengzhou, the New Audiovisual National Tour Exhibition arrived in Hefei on September 27th and was held grandly at the Platinum Hanjue Hotel. The exhibition has already held four seasons this year, and this is the fifth season. The exhibition has covered all parts of China, including the fields of wire, sound, stage lighting, and more. It brings the latest and most complete products and serves as a guide to the audiovisual industry.

      As an industry-recognized professional audiovisual wire brand, Meihua continues to appear with its own brand, bridgee, and the American brand, Monster, while also collaborating with the international brand, Sony, to build a high-end cinema system in the exhibition hall. Here, guests can fully experience the stunning 4K and even 8K cinema visual effects, making them feel as if they were really there.

      Monster is a well-known brand with a forty-year history and is a leader in the field of high-end audio, video, and data connectivity solutions. It is loved by many audiovisual enthusiasts. The products showcased this time include the M3000 8K HDMI2.1 short copper and fiber optic cables, which provide an 8K cutting-edge visual feast and maximize the picture quality advantage of the PS5. In addition, there is also a luminous LED 8K HDMI2.1 cable with multi-color LED light effects, echoing the atmosphere of gaming and creating a more exciting experience.

      Bridgee is a wire brand designed specifically for integrators, using the world's leading manufacturing and R&D capabilities to solve various wiring problems for integrators. After years of rapid development, it has gained unanimous recognition and trust within the industry. The products exhibited this time include the armored separation PROF-H18DK fiber optic cable, which is sturdy, durable, and easy to pass through tubes and is essential for rental performances and LED screens at car shows. At the same time, many high-quality products were also showcased, such as association-certified professional engineering-grade 8K fiber optic cables and long-distance engineering-grade USB fiber optic cables (A to A male, A to C, C to C).

      "PROF-H18DK" can effectively solve contractors’ problems with difficult wiring and tubing. The product has two major advantages: it is sturdy and durable, and easy to pass through tubes. It uses 304 stainless steel cable armor and single-end separation plugs, specifically designed to solve the problems of difficult tubing, cable damage, and signal interruption in contractor construction projects. It can reach up to 100 meters and can be used in various large-scale scenarios, such as cinema systems, video conferences, rental stages, and simulation projections.

      After multiple tours, bridgee has gained more recognition and attention. Although wires may seem inconspicuous, they are actually the most critical part of an audiovisual system, affecting the presentation effect of high-definition video. In the future, better products will be introduced to repay the public’s love.