Bridgee Attends the 2022 New Audiovisual Exhibition in Zhengzhou

      After bidding farewell to the bustling exhibition in Jinan, the New Audiovisual National Tour Exhibition arrived in Zhengzhou on September 23, held at the Zhongzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel. The exhibition covers a wide range of audiovisual equipment industries, including sound, cables, projection, professional stage amplifiers, lighting, and more. Over 100 brands participated in the exhibition, and there were also rich theme lectures and training courses, attracting guests from all over the world.

      As a well-known audiovisual cable transmission brand, Meihua brought its brand Bridgee and the American brand Monster to the exhibition. Together with the famous brand Sony, they built a fascinating cinema system in the exhibition hall, attracting many guests to stop and watch.

      Monster is an international audiovisual brand with a 40-year history, highly recommended by audiophiles. It leads the trend in high-end audio, video, and data connectivity solutions and its products sell in over 80 countries and regions around the world. Products exhibited this time include the M3000 8K HDMI2.1 cable, LED 8K HDMI2.1 cable, and USB fast charging cable, with a fashionable and cool appearance and excellent quality, favored by the visitors.

      Bridgee is a rapidly developing professional engineering audiovisual transmission brand in recent years, specialized in providing various wiring and transmission solutions for integrators. The brand has leading manufacturing and R&D capabilities, developing a series of products such as HDMI/USB/DP/DVI/audio cables for various industries such as video conferencing, rental performances, video surveillance, outdoor screens, exhibition demonstrations, and fusion simulations. The brand has also integrated the research, production, and sales links, delivering the best products from the factory directly to project sites. The products exhibited this time include the armored fiber optic cable H18DK, certified professional engineering 8K fiber optic cable, and three long-distance engineering USB fiber optic cables (A male to A female, A to C, C to C).

      Among them, the separated HDMI armored fiber optic cable "PROF-H18DK" can effectively solve the wiring and threading problems that integrators encounter. The product has two major advantages of robustness and easy threading, using 304 stainless steel cable armor and single-end separated plugs, specifically addressing the integrator's difficult problems of threading, cable damage, and signal interruption in construction projects. It can reach a maximum length of 100 meters, meeting the needs of various large scenes such as cinema systems, video conferencing, rental stages, and simulated projections.

      Bridgee's appearance at this exhibition was favored by many integrators, and the exhibited products were unanimously recognized for their excellent quality. In the future, Bridgee will develop more new products to provide diversified wiring solutions for integrators.