Bridgee launches HDMI to DVI fiber cable for virtual film industry

      In virtual film projects, to achieve the purpose of combining virtual and real scenes, the image output from the host to the LED screen must be high-definition, smooth, and without delay. Therefore, the signal transmission line is crucial. In addition, most traditional LED screens have DVI interfaces, which cannot be connected to the current host HDMI interfaces directly. How to directly connect the LED screen and the host while achieving high-definition and no delay is a difficult point for integrators.

      Therefore, Bridgee, with its strong technical strength, has developed the DVH10 HDMI to DVI fiber optic cable, which can reach a length of up to 50 meters, effectively solving the difficulty of virtual film projects.

      This cable can directly connect the HDMI interface host and the DVI interface traditional LED screen without the need for a converter, which is simple and convenient. At the same time, this cable uses OM3 multimode fiber optic cable, which can efficiently and without delay transmit audio and video signals. The cable length can reach up to 50 meters, which can easily wire for large scenes.The outer shell of the plug is made of zinc alloy material, which is sturdy and durable. The connector uses a 24K gold-plating process, which can resist corrosion and oxidation well, ensuring the stability of the signal connection.

      The internal plugs use imported components, and the German chips and American lasers can transmit 10.2Gbps signals efficiently and stably, which is durable. It supports 4K@30Hz signal output, with high-definition images and gorgeous colors.

      Bridgee is an international brand that provides solutions for professional engineering audio and video transmission. The company has a complete manufacturing advantage, strict quality control system, and technical strength. It monitors the entire research, development, production, and sales processes to ensure that high-quality products are delivered from the factory to the project site, making it a trusted brand for integrators. Bridgee is constantly solving technological problems in audio and video systems and has launched a large product system, including HDMI/USB/DP/DVI/audio cables, which widely cover video conferencing, rental stages, video surveillance, outdoor screens, exhibition demonstrations, and integrated audio and video fields. It is also a deep partner of international brands such as Sony and TCL.