Bridgee introduces USB C to HDMI fiber cable for online classes

      Under the pandemic, for students taking online classes, how to cast courses from smartphones to TVs, enlarge the visual field and improve efficiency has become the most urgent need. Bridgee has developed a USB C to HDMI fiber cable that can reach up to 30 meters long, which can directly connect smartphones/laptops and TVs over long distances, display high-definition and smooth courses, and solve the urgent problem.

      Traditional screen casting cables have multiple problems: they cannot be directly connected and require adapters; the cable is too short to meet the needs of long-distance connections; the cable has delay issues, affecting the progress of classes; the cable is easily affected by external electromagnetic interference, causing video flickering and black screens. These problems reduce the efficiency of online learning. To solve these problems, Bridgee continuously optimizes product solutions and develops a USB C to HDMI fiber cable, model UCH18, which can reach up to 30 meters long, meeting the needs of long-distance and direct connections, and solving the problems of online classes.

      The USB C head and HDMI plug housing of this product are made of zinc alloy material, which is sturdy and durable. The joints are all gold-plated with 24K electroplating technology, which can resist corrosion and oxidation well and ensure the stability of signal connection.

      The internal part of the plug uses fully imported components, with German chips and American lasers, which can efficiently and stably transmit 18Gbps signals and are durable. It supports 4K@60Hz signal output, with high-definition images and gorgeous colors.