Bridgee introduces DP to HDMI fiber optic cable.

      For integrators, how to directly connect the host and LED screen in the fusion simulation industry and transmit image signals over long distances has become a current challenge. Bridgee has developed a DP to HDMI fiber optic cable that can reach up to 50 meters, specifically solving the problems faced by integrators.

      In construction projects such as flight simulators and other fusion simulations, traditional copper wires often encounter several major problems: they cannot directly connect DP and HDMI connectors and require adapters; cables are not long enough to be used in large scenes; copper wires have loss and delay, and video signals are prone to stuttering; the cable is susceptible to external electromagnetic interference, resulting in screen flicker and blackout; bandwidth is not enough, resulting in low video resolution and poor viewing experience. These problems lead to flight simulators being unable to achieve an immersive experience and having a poor user experience.

      To solve these problems, Bridgee continuously optimizes product solutions and has developed a DP to HDMI fiber optic cable, model DPH18, that can reach up to 50 meters, meeting the two major requirements of long-distance and direct connection, providing convenience to integrators.

      The DP connector and HDMI plug shell of this product are made of zinc alloy material, which is sturdy and durable. The connectors are all 24K gold-plated, which can resist corrosion and oxidation well, ensuring the stability of signal connection. Among them, the DP connector has a buckle design to ensure that the plug is firmly connected and not loose.

      The internal plug components are all imported and equipped with German optoelectronic engines that can efficiently and stably transmit 18Gbps signals, which are durable and long-lasting. It supports 4K@60Hz signal output, with high-definition images and brilliant colors.

      The product line core uses OM3 10 gigabit multimode optical fiber, which can reach up to 50 meters, can meet the needs of large scenes, and can efficiently and without delay transmit high-definition video signals, free from external electromagnetic interference, with smooth video and no stuttering.

      Bridgee is an international brand that provides solutions for professional engineering audio and video transmission. The company has a complete manufacturing advantage, strict quality control system, and technical strength, and oversees the research, development, production, and sales links throughout the entire process. It is a brand that integrators trust. Bridgee continuously tackles the pain points of audio and video systems, and has launched a large product system including HDMI/USB/DP/DVI/audio cables, which covers a wide range of fields such as video conferencing, rental stages, video surveillance, outdoor screens, exhibition demonstrations, and fusion audio and video. It is also a deep cooperation partner of international brands such as Sony and TCL.