McWazki Appears at 2022 New Audiovisual Exhibition in Hangzhou

      After departing from the previous stop in Nanjing, on August 8, the 2022 New Audiovisual National Tour Exhibition arrived at Hangzhou Jinxi Banquet Hotel. This exhibition showcased even more diverse products and formats, and received even more enthusiastic response from the audience.

      As a reliable solution provider for audiovisual transmission, McWazki, together with its cable brands Bridgee and Monster, and Sony, presented the audience with an immersive cinema system that provided stunning audiovisual experiences.

      Monster is an internationally renowned high-end audiovisual brand with over 40 years of history, dedicated to "creating more perfect music sound effects" products, leading the trend in the field of high-end audio, video, and data connectivity solutions. Monster Cable has more than 4,000 products and is sold in over 80 countries and regions worldwide, maintaining priority in the professional cable market in the United States.

      Bridgee is an audiovisual brand created specifically for integrators, with leading global manufacturing advantages, strict quality control systems, and technical strengths. Bridgee has delved deep into integrator pain points, developing reliable and stable system audiovisual transmission products, and bridging research, production, and sales to deliver products directly from the factory to the project site.

      This time, Meihua showcased the "PROF-H18DK" separated HDMI armored fiber optic cable, which solved the difficult problem of wiring and threading pipes for integrators. The product has two major advantages, durability and easy threading, using 304 stainless steel cable armor and single-ended separated plugs, specifically designed to overcome the difficulties of threading pipes, cable damage, and signal interruption in integrator construction projects. The cable can reach up to 100 meters, satisfying the needs of cinema systems, video conferences, rental stages, simulation projections, and other large-scale applications.

      In the future, Meihua will launch more leading products to help integrator and home audiovisual users solve their problems and challenges. Watch this space!