McWazki Attends Audiovisual Exhibition (HAVE) in 2022

      After bidding farewell to the Chongqing Exhibition, the audiovisual exhibition was grandly held at the Century Golden Source Hotel in Kunming from July 29th to 31st, with more types of exhibitors such as high-fidelity audio, home theater, CD records/vinyl records, and more enthusiastic guests.


       As a gold medal solution provider for audiovisual transmission, McWazki Trading Co., Ltd., together with its cable brands Bridgee and Monster, showcased stunning cinema systems for guests in room 503, along with Sony and Harkness.

      Monster, an internationally renowned brand with over 40 years of history, is committed to "creating more perfect music sound effects" products, leading the trend in the field of high-end audio, video, and data connectivity solutions. Monster Cable has over 4,000 products, which sell well in more than 80 countries and regions around the world and maintains priority in the professional cable market in the United States. The products exhibited at this exhibition include high-fidelity 8K M3000 HDMI2.1 cable, 8K LED luminescent HDMI2.1 e-sports cable, black platinum speaker cable, and other products that can efficiently transmit high-definition and gorgeous audiovisual signals.

      Bridgee has world-leading manufacturing advantages, strict quality control system, and technical strength. It has delved into the pain points of integrators and developed reliable and stable system audiovisual transmission products, covering the research, development, production, and sales processes, and has become a brand that integrators can trust. The products exhibited at this exhibition include ultra-fine and ultra-soft KAI2.1 HDMI2.1 fiber optic cable, Q-series true 4K HDMI2.0 fiber optic cable, pipe-penetrating essential single-ended and removable HDMI2.0 fiber optic cable, aerospace-grade carbon fiber shielding technology Cannock cable, and other high-quality products that comprehensively solve major problems such as pipeline wiring, flashing screens, black screens, and are widely used in cinema systems, video conferences, rental stages, simulation projection, and other fields.

      In the future,McWazki will launch more advanced products, providing a higher level of audiovisual experience. Stay tuned!