Armor HDMI2.0 Fiber Cable Introduced by Bridgee

      To meet the dual requirements of durability and ease-of-threading for integrators during construction wiring, Bridgee, a professional engineering audio and video cable manufacturer, has developed a single-end detachable HDMI2.0 fiber optic cable with 304 stainless steel armor, which is strong, durable, and easy to thread. It is the preferred wiring product for integrators.

      During audio and video project wiring construction, besides threading difficulties, there are three major problems: complex construction environments, cables being accidentally punctured by nails, causing signal disruption; cables being trodden on and dragged, leading to cable skin damage and exposed wire cores; and cables being tangled and bent, causing signal damage. Once these damaged cables are buried, it is difficult to repair them, leading to secondary construction and wall damage, causing many post-construction troubles for integrators, and increasing maintenance costs and labor. To solve these problems, Bridgee has used its globally leading technology and manufacturing advantages to develop the H18DK, a 304 stainless steel armored + single-end detachable HDMI2.0 fiber optic cable, which meets both the requirements of robustness and ease-of-threading, bringing light to integrators.

      The H18DK cable body is covered in 304 stainless steel armor, which can resist pulling, hitting, and bending, effectively protecting the internal wire core from damage and ensuring the transmission of intact signals. The Display end of the plug is a detachable design with a small head, only 1.26 cm wide and 3.34 cm long, making it easy to thread through small spaces.

      The cable meets the transmission requirements of 4K@60Hz, with a bandwidth of 18Gbps, supporting dynamic HDR and BT2020, providing strong support for ultra-high-definition picture quality and vibrant colors.

      Bridgee is an international brand leading the industry in providing gold-standard solutions for professional engineering audio and video transmission. The company has globally leading manufacturing advantages, strict quality control systems, and strong technical strength, overseeing the entire research, development, production, and sales process, delivering the best products from the factory directly to project sites, making it the preferred brand for integrators. Bridgee continuously addresses pain points in audio and video systems, launching a vast product range including HDMI/USB/DP/DVI/audio cables, widely covering video conferences, rental stages, video surveillance, outdoor large screens, exhibition demonstrations, and integrated audio and video fields, and is a deep cooperation partner of international brands such as Sony and TCL.