CES2022: Bridgee's HDMI2.1 Certified Fiber Cable Connects 8K TVs

      The CES exhibition began as scheduled in Las Vegas, USA at the beginning of 2022. Many major consumer electronics brands have released their annual new products at this year's exhibition, which is also the world's largest consumer electronics products exhibition. Many new products using industry-leading technologies have become the focus of the media. Chinese brands not only have unparalleled advantages in product production, but also have increasingly strong competitiveness in design and innovative manufacturing.

      At this year's exhibition, we saw Chinese brand TCL showcase many Mini LED TVs that will soon be launched and lead the industry. TCL, as the second largest TV shipper in the world and a well-known industry giant with BOE panel production plant, has launched many 8K and 4K MiniLED TVs this year that use industry-leading technology.

      TCL's high-end MiniLED TVs not only have more advantages in MiniLED technology, but also, due to the use of HDMI 2.1 interface, in models targeting high-end gamers, they have launched performance with refresh rate as high as 144Hz, allowing gamers to enjoy a smoother gaming experience with higher frame rates. However, to achieve a good 4K 120Hz or even 144Hz gaming experience, an HDMI 2.1 cable that can stably transmit a 48Gbps signal is essential. We saw many TVs showcased by TCL at the TCL booth choose a Bridgee HDMI 2.1 fiber optic cable, which is also from China and has obtained official HDMI 2.1 certification.

      TCL's new MiniLED TVs are equipped with the Google TV smart operating system, support Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, and have a full-rate HDMI 2.1 interface, while Bridgee's HDMI2.1 certified fiber optic cable provides stable 48Gbps high-speed connectivity.

      Bridgee, a senior HDMI cable brand in China's audio and video channel circle, unveiled a new PROF-H48 fiber optic HDMI model at CES2022. The product name shows that it is an HDMI 2.1 specification cable that can transmit at the full rate of 48Gbps. Moreover, it has passed the rigorous HDMI Association UHS (Ultra High Speed) certification.

      For gaming users, if you want to buy a high-end MiniLED TV this year and want to experience stable and smooth 120Hz or even 144Hz gaming screens, then we ask you to believe in the Bridgee PROF-H48 series certified 8K HDMI v2.1 fiber optic cable that TCL trusts and chooses. It can also be a high-quality HDMI cable that you can rely on and choose! Bridgee's PROF-H48 series HDMI 2.1 fiber optic cable can not only be applied in high-end commercial audio-visual transmission design, broadcast halls, exhibition halls, outdoor LED screens, and 3D simulations, but also has features such as 48Gbps ultra-large bandwidth and support for 8K@60Hz/4K@120Hz transmission, which are suitable for high-end gaming and video enthusiasts at home. Bridgee's high-quality HDMI cable provides stable connections and worry-free compatibility, making it a reliable choice for high-end users.