Sharing Audio and Video Knowledge, bridgee Shines in Shandong

      On November 27, the Shandong Zhite Autumn Audio and Video Training Conference was successfully held. The conference invited professional audio and video brands such as bridgee, MONSTER, KREISEL, YAMAHA, etc., to explain HDMI2.1 technology, amplifier products, audio and video room design and other professional knowledge, allowing the attending learners to gain a lot.

      During the explanation of HDMI2.1 technology, bridgee founder Johnny mainly talked about how to choose a high-quality audio and video connection solution with stable signal, large bandwidth, smooth frame rate, and durable cable, which are all important indicators.

      After the training, bridgee exhibited its newly developed KAI2.1 HDMI2.1 ultra-fine armored fiber optic cable, which has HDMI2.1 official certification, not only a 48Gbps bandwidth, but also a diameter of only 3.8mm armored cable that can resist violent construction in complex environments, truly suitable for engineering audio and video use.

      When connecting a high-definition TV with bridgee cables, the transmitted picture quality is lossless, the colors are bright, the character's movements are smooth, and the sound effects are outstanding.

      After the Jinan conference, bridgee will bring more products to meet everyone, please stay tuned!