Bridgee Nanjing Audiovisual Training Successfully Concluded

      On November 25th, the second audiovisual training was successfully held at the Vienna International Hotel in Nanjing. This training was jointly organized by four major brands: Sony, Bridgee, UandKSound, and Aixcil. The curriculum was richer than the last time, and the students' response was more enthusiastic.

      The founder of Bridgee, gave a lecture on the "Position and Future Development of Audio and Video Signal Transmission in System Applications" in the second session of the training, teaching students about the future trend of 8K signals.

      In the exhibition area, Bridgee brought the highly acclaimed Q8K and XIN series 8K cables to the integrators. They also showcased their latest research and development, the XP300 high-fidelity precision-twisted speaker cable and the XCC-SPK series carbon fiber shielded speaker cable, providing more professional products for high-quality audio transmission.

      In the Sony dynamic demonstration area, Bridgee cables provided efficient and stable signals for the stunning images, attracting a continuous stream of students.

      The Nanjing training was successfully concluded, and the next stop will be on November 27th in Jinan, where Bridgee will continue to meet everyone.