Bridgee showcases AV cables at the 2021 Guangxi Audio Exhibition

      From November 19th to 21st, the second Guangxi International Audio Exhibition was held at the Eternal Crown Holiday Hotel in Nanning, with hundreds of exhibitors and more than 200 brands participating. It was the highest-level civilian high-end audio exhibition in the history of Guangxi region and a feast for the senses.

      Bridgee participated in the exhibition with KAI2.1HDMI2.1 armor fiber optic cable and Q4K HDMI2.0 fiber optic cable, which are favored by integrators, as well as xcc-spk speaker cable and xcc-blc signal cable to bring clearer and more realistic sound effects, making the sound and color more stirring and bringing a more stunning audiovisual experience.

      At the event, Bridgee continued to collaborate closely with Sony, performing dynamic demonstrations with Sony TVs featuring vivid colors and captivating sound effects, which garnered praise from guests at the event.

      This exhibition was a great success, and on November 25, Bridgee will hold an audio and video training event at the Vienna International Hotel in Nanjing. Stay tuned!