Experience the Ningbo Audiovisual Training Live

      On November 3, the Ningbo Audiovisual Training was officially held, where numerous industry experts gave insightful lectures on projection debugging, audio and video signal transmission, and other key points. Many guests were present, and the interest was high.

      As the founder of the Bridgee brand, Mr. Johnny gave a lecture on "The Position and Future Development of Audio and Video Signal Transmission in System Applications." Signal transmission is a crucial part of audio and video playback. How to efficiently and stably transmit 4K and 8K signals, the cable plays an important role, which will determine the degree of video quality restoration and fluency.

      The KAI2.1 HDMI2.1 armored fiber optic cable under the Bridgee brand not only passed the HDMI2.1 official certification but also has a super-thin 304 stainless steel wire body with a diameter of 3.8mm. It can be easily wired in complex construction environments and is suitable for high-end home theaters, engineering transmissions, and other fields.

      Numerous Bridgee cables were displayed on-site, not only as the dedicated cables for the training but also in partnership with Sony Projection for dynamic demonstrations, presenting stable and smooth wonderful images.