Bridge HiFi! Bridge Professional Audio Cable Released

      The XCC series of audio cables produced by Bridge are exquisite solutions for HiFi bridge connection and high-fidelity audio.

XCC Audio Series - SPK and BLC twins are the main players with the following features: XCC-SPK 14AWG-2 high-performance precision-twisted speaker wire

      ☆ Time Correct Tube structure effectively controls magnetic field distortion and ensures natural and smooth reproduction of music. Using Time Correct windings technology, it ensures accurate signal transmission, resulting in better high and low frequency response, improved sound spatial imaging, and deeper and compact bass effects. Special PE insulation material and customized carbon shield layer avoid external electromagnetic interference and greatly improve the music signal-to-noise

ratio. The outer layer uses special TPE material to enhance the appearance and grip.

      XCC-BLC High-performance 110Ω impedance shielded signal cable

      ☆ Adopts four-layer special shielding technology, with the first layer being a customized PE insulation layer, the second layer using aluminum foil shielding, the third layer being a customized carbon shield layer, and the fourth layer using high-density tinned copper braided layer. It effectively avoids the impact of external electromagnetic interference on the signal and ensures extremely low background noise. ☆ The wire core is made of 2 strands of 48 fine oxygen-free copper wires with a diameter of 0.1mm, which is resistant to bending and maintains 110Ω impedance characteristics. It is very suitable for subwoofer connections, mixing consoles, and lighting and sound control. ☆ The outer layer uses special TPE material to enhance the appearance and grip.