Bridgee's HDMI Fiber cable Selected by 8K Cinema

      After the first two exhibitions, the Jinan exhibition on the 19th reached a peak of popularity, with outstanding brands in the audio and video industry. Integrators had in-depth exchanges and cooperation, paving the way for the arrival of 8K audio and video.

      To ensure stable transmission of 8K video signals, the reliability of the cable is crucial. High bandwidth, high resolution, wide color gamut, and other parameters must strictly meet the standards to achieve perfect transmission of realistic images and rich colors. Bridgee brought the PROF-H48 HDMI 2.1 fiber optic cable, which has obtained HDMI 2.1 official certification, with a large bandwidth of 48Gbps, supporting high-standard performance such as 8K@60Hz|4K@120Hz, BT2020, dynamic HDR, etc., and can transmit audio and video signals over long distances without loss.

      This time, the PROF-H48 shone brightly paired with Sony TV, vivid and high-definition images came to life, and the video was very smooth, witnessing the excellent effect of the perfect match.

      With the fruitful results of the three exhibitions, Bridgee will continue to bring more surprises to everyone!