Bridgee Q4K Cable Appears at "2021 New Audiovisual Zhengzhou

      Following the Xi'an exhibition, on October 15, the popular New Audiovisual Zhengzhou Station Tour Exhibition was held, integrating audio and video solution, technical training, and product display. Industry experts and integrators gathered together to discuss the future of the industry and fully meet user needs.

      The highlight of Bridgee's new product Q4K HDMI fiber optic cable is its extremely small integrated connector (30x18x9mm), which is only 2/3 the size of similar products on the market and can easily pass through pipes without pressure. It has ultra-strong compatibility, with no flashing or black screens when connecting devices, and stable and smooth video playback. It uses all imported components and has been proven to work continuously for ten years. It is a professional accessory for 4K cinemas.

      At the event, the Q4K cable was dynamically displayed in the Sony booth. It can be seen that the picture quality is clear and delicate, the colors are full and rich, and the video playback is stable and smooth. Bridgee has gained the favor of major brands and is a reliable endorsement of strength and quality.

      The next stop is the Jinan Station on the 19th. Bridgee will bring more new products and meet you there!