Unafraid of violent construction, Bridgee's KAI2.1 armored fiber cable

      On October 11, 2021, the "New Audiovisual National Tour Exhibition" entered the second season in Xi'an, and the second season reached a new peak after the first season. This exhibition brings together more than 80 professional audiovisual brands such as SONY, BOSE, and DENON, and will showcase high-quality products and audiovisual solutions such as stage lighting, projection, professional audio, and conference systems, attracting hundreds of industry friends from all over the country.

      As a professional integrator brand, Bridgee brought the stainless steel KAI2.1 armored HDMI2.1 fiber optic cable. This flagship product is surrounded by 304 stainless steel armor, which is sturdy and durable, and can withstand violent pulling during construction. At the same time, the cable is only 3.8mm thin and can be easily bent 180 degrees when wiring. It can greatly facilitate the construction of engineers and can easily wire even in harsh and violent environments. What's more authoritative is that the cable has obtained HDMI2.1 official certification and its quality is rock-solid.

      Bridgee cables were showcased comprehensively at the Sony booth, equipped with HDMI protocol analyzers. The KAI2.1 fiber optic cable passed the test and all parameters strictly complied with HDM2.1 requirements, making it an excellent partner for high-end playback devices.

      The next stop is the Zhengzhou tour exhibition on October 15th. Stay tuned!