Bridgee's Two HDMI Cables Receive "UHS" Certification

      Bridgee, a brand under Bridge, has released two HDMI series products - "H48" fiber and "XIN" copper core - both of which have received strict "UHS" certification. With this, we are honored to share what "UHS" certification is!

      What is "UHS" certification?

       The full name of the UHS small silver label is Ultra High Speed (ultra-high-speed HDMI cable), which originally belonged to one part of the HDMI 2.1 protocol. Since the end of 2020, this certification has been developed and published by the HDMI Association with strict standards. And Bridgee is one of the first domestic brands to pass the certification.

      One of the main purposes of product obtaining UHS certification is to prove that the various parameter indicators of the product series comply with the HDMI2.1 specification, so that consumers can refer to them before buying. Support for 4K@120Hz, 8K@60Hz, HDR high dynamic range, variable refresh rate VRR, automatic low latency ALLM, audio eARC, QMS, QFT, etc.

      In addition to comprehensive and multi-functional data transmission, UHS also requires the wire body to have low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) material to shield interference from the outside world.

      Bridgee's XIN and H48 series are tested by the HDMI Forum Authorized Testing Center (ATC). After confirmation, we can use this certification. The purpose of the "UHS" small silver label Customers can easily find the "UHS" small silver label on our packaging at a glance, and then scan the QR code on the label for parameter reference, traceability, and verification through a dedicated app.

      Through the verification of the QR code, customers will find that Bridgee has carefully prepared the brand name, HDMI series model, wire length, and various functional parameters supported by the wire. Customers can easily assess whether this wire matches their audio and video equipment, which is very convenient.In short, having a small silver label is a basic symbol of the next-generation HDMI cable!